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Richard Gordon's comments on Sportsound


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I'm sure many of you were as incensed as I was with Richard Gordon's comments on Sportsound, asking whether the Hamilton Chairman would rather have a terminal illness or manage Rangers. I complained and received the following, fairly toothless response

Thanks for contacting us about BBC Scotland’s ‘Sportsound’.

I understand you felt comments made about terminal illnesses and Rangers swere offensive.

Your comments were passed to the Editor of ‘Sportsound’, who has asked that I forward his response as follows:

“Thank you for your comments regarding Richard Gordon’s interview with Ronnie MacDonald on ‘Sportsound’, broadcast on Saturday, 14th April.

I’m sorry you were unhappy with the comments made on the programme.

As you know, this was at the end of an interview with the outgoing Hamilton chairman. The transcript reads:

Richard Gordon: "So what happens for you now Ronnie, do you move and start elsewhere with another club, what do you..."

Ronnie MacDonald: "I've had a lot of theories this week; I've had everything from terminal illness to taking over Rangers."

Richard: “Which of the two would you prefer?”

This was intended to be a light hearted remark but, having spoken to Richard Gordon, he accepts that it may have caused offence to those who have relatives in such a state and regrets the comment, which was made in a live broadcast.

Thank you, once again, for taking the time to contact us.”

Yes, it would seem it's perfectly acceptable to make such disparaging remarks about our club, it's all in humour after all. We've no right to be annoyed that our club is derided so unless we have relatives with a terminal illness? :wanker:

Strange there is the humour defence for others and not for us.

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