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  1. I try to stay away from these treads but your post is just too good for me not to say 'well said Kev'. Surely the TV and SFA can sort this out and Sunday would seem a sensible day to play it.
  2. Yes he has a great chance of being, well great.
  3. No doubt it will all have been worked out how they will manage it, but it is not that easy to drop the Capt from games. Time will tell.
  4. I agree, but he needs game time next season as well, buy no doubt Stevie and his backroom gang will have it all thought trough.
  5. No not expecting him to replace Tav, but does need some more game time which I am sure he will get.
  6. Yes maybe he will get a few more games or minutes now, he is such a good young player.
  7. Yes I suppose he is still young, he is some prospect that is for sure.
  8. Good news, not sure what it means for Patterson?
  9. After the piss taking with the date and time this is from the SFA website: Saturday 17 April Stranraer v Hibernian; kick-off 12.15pm (live on BBC Scotland) Rangers v Celtic; kick-off 4.00pm (live on Premier Sports)
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