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  1. Good news, I wish they would get one in Braehead as well, the tarriers have one now and it really spoils the look of that area.
  2. Hope our pitch drains well tomorrow, it seems like heavy rain all day, but easing about KO time. 🤞 https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2648579
  3. Yes they seem to have a better mind set, we just have to hope that continues through the season. Fingers crossed.🤞
  4. This for me. That is why making a thread like this at the moment is just tempting fate IMO and surely we all have been through enough these last few years to think 55 is in any way a certainty, I so want it to be true but will be taking it one game at a time from now until it is decided.
  5. McGregor, if he feels he can still perform at his best at pushing 40 and Balogun for me.
  6. Let's go Zungu, hoping for good things once you start playing for us.
  7. Good to see the Marseille payers all standing tonight while Man City all on their knees.
  8. He really is untouchable as far as the CO goes, the only thing now is he is not very good, but still annoying he is treated differently to other players. Certainly Rangers ones.
  9. EDIT: just seen it has been posted mate, he certainly knew what he was doing, no doubt about it.
  10. This is from the SPFL site: 28/29 - Betfred Cup last 16
  11. We know it is about money still playing last years semis/final, but it is nuts in the big picture for what is happening in football just now.
  12. Fucking mental this thread at the end of October IMO. I will be happy to give Dave a wee thanks at the end of the season if we win 55, but talk about a statue is just
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