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  1. I am frightened to get carried away mate, but I sense something has changed over the last few weeks. 🤞 🤞 I just don't want to speak too much about it at the moment in case we jinx anything.
  2. Our Boyd is loving all things Rangers at the moment (as we all are), fantastic guy.
  3. I know he was not at his best for a few games, but seems good again after his injury. He is one of my favourite players at the Club just now, a bloody good protestant.
  4. This is becoming a bit of a lottery and hopefully it will not go against us.
  5. The pitch is a real worry now, the ball is not running as it should.
  6. Happy with that first half, need to keep the Stan Dard up after the break.
  7. Even with Covid-19 Pam is still meeting up with Broxi and his veteran at training when they can manage, so here is the latest pics from our Pam.
  8. Yes it should certainly have been sorted before a ball was kicked. Incompetent pricks.
  9. Never heard of it so did a google and yes if it could raise money for the Erskine and Broxi funds I would be interested. @govanblue @Zetland ??? For those like me who did not know about it. https://www.betpromo.uk/last-man-standing/
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