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  1. It would indeed. That was some piece of shite about tracking him for years, they must think we are all like their own fans and surely they all cannot believe it either.
  2. Probably cannot be 100% sure Flange will be a disaster but certainly hope he is. When does he actually arrive and take charge and has UEFA decided on the situation with his coaching badges not correct for here?
  3. Ffs, I cannot understand how they are managing to do this sponsorship.
  4. Writing that in the minute since I replied is very impressive mate. What song is that from ?
  5. Not sure that it is fair on @TEFTONG, I do not think he wants to see his wife's name used with this Aussie guy. So far I am going with 'Flange'.
  6. That is good IMO, especially after I read the urban dictionary below. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Flange
  7. We need a good derogatory name for this new manager, any good suggestions we can agree on? Ange seems for too nice a way refer to him, and fuck trying to spell or pronounce his surname.
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