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  1. It was far from the worst performance from a Rangers player, not sure how you could ever judge that anyway, but I think after showing up much better last weekend that was very disappointing from Kent today, it looks as if at times he is trying too hard and it is not working for him. The fact we have no one to put in his place with injuries and lack of left sided players in his position it the squad it is not easy to take him out of the spotlight and not start him for a few games. I have not given up in him yet.
  2. That was poor but after the tarrierrs fucking up yesterday we are in the same position as we were yesterday, so the point is acceptable to me. Being a cautious person it is certainly a reminder that we should not be taking anything for granted at this stage in the league. Enjoy the tarrier melt down yes, but let's not get ahead of ourselves and think this is all done and dusted yet.
  3. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  4. That is why I hate all these threads about 55, I certainly hope we can still get the points today, but nothing is won until it is.
  5. Forgot they were playing today (thought it was tomorrow) until Mrs Bru just said, that is another 2 points they have dropped today, she saw it come up Twitter.
  6. I am also cautious mate, we are not just playing to win football games, we have the SFA/SPFL/ SNP and Covid to contend with, it is not a situation we should take lightly. I am trying to stay positive and hope we are given the chance to win the league as we should be, but underestimating our enemies would be unwise IMO.
  7. What I find hilarious is the fact the man (shitebag of the highest order) who has manipulated/run Scottish football for the last 10 + years and got their team every advantage possible, including a cup played in a different season to get some mythical quad treble, is amazing to say the least. It just shows they have believed all the hype about their team being invincible, when really much of it has been down to the devious ways of Liewell, long may they hound the wanker.
  8. From Sky: CELTIC EXPECT DUFFY TO STAY Celtic expect Shane Duffy to remain at the club until the end of the season. Reports today suggested the Brighton defender was the subject of a bid from Nottingham Forest. Sky Sports News understands that Forest have made no contact regarding the player and are not looking to strengthen their central defensive options in this window.
  9. Our media is being controlled in some way, my guess is money (advertising ?) up to a point, along with many very willing to turn a blind eye to things that should be an open goal to any journalist. You could not make up how much our wee country is being destroyed by the SNP and their followers. I see it is nearly time for the prog to start, I read this thread every night, but still cannot get myself to listen to it.
  10. Them and the SNP. Sorry for the post but the way the media never take any of them to task really annoys me, my bad.
  11. I think it is a wise way to look at it mate, yes I am like you loving the tarrier melt down and we should enjoy it as much as possible after the last years, but with Covid as an extra unknown in the mix, it is best to look no further than the Motherwell game on Sunday IMO.
  12. Great article, and included the cops hat as well which shows he left nothing out. Now back to one game at a time for me until we cannot be caught.
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