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Remember how you feel at this moment.

Jakes Pal

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Hard as it maybe to do so, remember how you feel tonight, how you felt last Sunday, how you felt during the very worst time of our Clubs existence.

Remember how you felt now, remember how you felt today as you watched those Arab B'stards gloat.

Difficult as it will be to remember all of the crap we have been subjected to over the last few years, make sure that you do no not forget the despair.

When we win our next major honour, when we skelp Dundee United, when we gub The Mhanks, when The Stadium is rocking to the sound of The Champions League theme, when we return to our place at the pinnacle of Scottish football, the memory of today will make our triumph so much the sweeter.

I watched as we struggled through the Eighties, I watched us getting beat at The Piggery for 9 years in succession.I watched as we were humbled by the great and not so great of European football.

I watched as we gubbed the Mhanks on their own midden, I watched as we won the League at Pittodrie, (Soooouness), I watched as Super scored at Leeds, I watched as we humbled Lyon, PSG, Porto, Juventus(John McDonald) I watched as Big Goughie cried at Tannadice, I watched on Helicopter Sunday,I nearly fell off the top deck of Hampdens main stand when Lovelypants scored in the last minute.

We will enjoy the good times again. Maybe not under the current regime, maybe not under the regime that wants to replace the current regime, but given that what we are and who we are, anyone who doubts that we will once again be the undisputed premier footballing institution of Scotland is either the Worlds biggest pessimist or the Wolrds most deluded fool.

Although it is not pleasant you have to experience the rough in able to enjoy the smooth.

Rangers shall prevail.

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