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  1. Turning into a rather splendid day, all things considered.
  2. Snigger. Just hope we do a professional job at Falkirk now.
  3. I agree, just find it difficult to criticize after what we have been watching the last 7 years so I will not, even although we did not prove savvy enough to see the game out on both occasions, Gerrard should have beefed things up at the back in the closing stages, but work still very much in progress. It would be nice to think that there is still a good bit of improvement to come from both the playing squad and especially the managerial team as they learn their trade.
  4. Who has ever said that we are the finished article? I personally think that the level of performance this season has been nothing short of remarkable considering where we were such a short time ago with a manger standing shouting in a shrubbery after our worst ever European defeat. No "but" for me, undefeated in two games against Benfica and top of the group.
  5. Poisoned chalice they are. Have seen comments in several different forums/news sites where the word has been that agents are warning their clients off going anywhere near THEM, the feeling being that their, ahem, indiscretions in the past will be blowing up in their faces when the justice system finally gets around to throwing the separate entity claim out of the window.
  6. Whole team is grafting, remember we are playing a mob who spunked over 100 mil Euros during the summer.
  7. Hope he does not burn himself out too soon, covering loads of grass so far.
  8. Their press is decent, not giving us any space. Obviously done their homework.
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