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  1. Your point is valid, however I think I would prefer them to be on a downer rather than raring to go against us should they win today. (currently 1-0 StJ)
  2. Normally do not care about any other team winning except when they are playing THEM, however on this occasion I would quite like a wee ST J win in the LCF today hopefully to leave Ferrantibankstonthistle demoralized for Wednesday night. Make no mistake, this could be very tough against a team in reasonable form, and of course played on that dreadful oversized doormat of a pitch.
  3. Obviously not, League priority 1, however as easy a route as possible into the CL would be most welcome. Whilst they will not admit it, I would imagine that those in charge of the pennies at Ibrox will be dearly hoping for an injection of CL cash for at least the next couple of seasons.
  4. One of the really big boys going out, a tie we can win if we maintain the level of performance (tighten up at the back obv) with the added bonus that the two Ukrainian clubs have very tough ties that for one could see us avoid a long journey if we get through to the quarters, and could also give us a chance to get above Ukraine in the coefficient. All in all, not too bad a draw at all.
  5. We have been getting some reasonable draws recently, so would not surprise me if we were to land a tougher one this time, but whoever we get, just enjoy it, the European run is the icing on the cake so to speak.
  6. Nothing stupid at the back and we should be fine as I imagine that as usual we will create numerous chances up front. A nice wee boost to our prize money and coefficient points would be most welcome, as well as keeping the momentum going.
  7. Personally, I think that Lurgan Plopp has been incredibly selfish here. Given what we have been through the last decade, when we finally get a season where we are enjoying ourselves he has to go and spoil it a wee bit by bringing a premature end to his very public and hilarious disintegration. On the plus side, there is more than a very good chance that under Kennedy things will not improve and we could perhaps go on to crush THEM even further with a 20+ points gap at the end of the season. Will also be interesting to see how they get on in their efforts to sign a "Marquee" replacem
  8. If that is genuine then I would imagine that the Sturgeon Stasi will be relentless in their pursuit of those responsible.
  9. Fuck the popcorn, a crate of Stella.
  10. Any idea how much another run to the quarters would net us?
  11. THEM and honour do not belong in the same sentence.
  12. Terry Munro is less than 3 steps from leaving the building.
  13. Terry Munro is three and a half steps away from leaving the building.
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