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  1. TBF THEM look pretty decent going forward, but as was proved by Spurs with Ardiles, good attacking play is worth nothing if your defence is letting in more goals than you can score. First thing Souness did was build a formidable defensive outfit, Sir Walter continued the project, SG built from the back. THEM are going to have to splash out on a decent keeper and at least 3 or 4 decent defenders if they want to have any hope of success this season. I do not believe that they have either the wish or ability to spend the cash necessary. BTW, delighted to have been proved wrong with my result
  2. Same as we crumbled today with fans back in Ibrox slaughtering the team for 90 mins. (Well that is what THEM have convinced themselves of)
  3. Sadly I agree. THEM are shit but will still be able to win against an even worse Hearts team. They have a decent record at Tynecastle, probably something to do with the nasty Hearts fans calling them names, fires them up. Goes without saying that I hope that we are both proved wrong later this evening.
  4. Do they not owe the Co-op Bank more than a few quid for a loan secured on the Piggery & Lennoxdoom, or is that just hopeful hearsay along the lines of Sevco are going into admin again that we hear so often from THEM?
  5. I have read on several occasions that their wage bill is in the £50M+ range. I always take these stories with a pinch of salt but given that the deal for this Buta fella may be collapsing due to their haggling over a demanded fee of £3M, it would seem that the 'Warchest' that I referred to in a previous post may well have been wittled down by a combination of ridiculous salaries paid to duds, and the lack of the CL money that they seemed to take for granted, would come rolling in. What a shame.
  6. OT for this thread I know, but getting past Malmo will not be the skoosh case I fear that many Bears are thinking it will be. Still, I am sure that SG will have the players heads in the right place and will not tolerate any over confidence or complacency.
  7. The 'Warchest' is still bulging at the seams apparently. A great many of THEM are still holding on to the hope that a massive spending spree is about to be unleashed and will see THEM win the league at a canter this season because we are still basically shit.
  8. They possibly thought that they were up against a team of the quality of the one they last played from Scotland. As far as the Midges were concerned they were the rank underdogs to win the tie, hence the celebrations.
  9. JJ is a walking billboard in that picture. Although I would prefer us to have just the one sponsor logo on our shirt, don't suppose I can complain too much compared to some of the kits you see where every spare inch of space is logo.
  10. Seriously, what goes through the head of people (term used very loosely), compared to that guy I am an anorexic stick insect, however I would never contemplate inflicting my wee beer belly on the public by wearing a tight fitting football top. Serous self respect problem I expect with this guy, probably something to do with his educational experiences.
  11. Good God in Govan. A common sense decision in Scottish football.
  12. Poor Mange may be stuck with Barkas and Co. for a while fortunately. Good keepers do not come cheap at any time, however with everyone well aware of THEM's dire need, the price will be upped them moment they may an enquiry. Best option will be a loan deal, however they lucked out with Foster, keepers of his quality are not usually on the loan market. I apologize if anything I just said above even hints at sympathy for Mange, that was not my intention.
  13. Sadly this is not a pre-season game, I would imagine that they will be a bit more motivated for this one, still, with THEM, at the moment, you never know.
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