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  1. Did not know this. What does it take to be actually knocked out of Euro football nowadays?
  2. Hardly something to get excited about, never mind care about. I doubt that the Hungarians are on a bonus for finishing third.
  3. Problem is, the Hungarians have nothing to play for They are out regardless of result.
  4. Then they meet Leverkusen away
  5. Spot on, does not change the fact that we have been a shadow of the relentle55 of last season.
  6. Glad to be of service, however it cannot be denied that we are top of the league, despite, not because of how well we have played so far. Despite my eternal pessimism though, I do agree with the sentiment that the destination of this year's title is still very much in our control.
  7. I know that it is a case of of yer uncle had tits he would be yer auntie, but we are nowhere near putting such a run together.
  8. How many weeks is it going to take for us to find the form to make your stance valid?
  9. Commentators jizzed themselves to death.
  10. TBF they did what they had to. Now it is our turn to do the same, without the same level of in commentary wanking of course from the pundits.
  11. I literally got a harder whack on the arse from my Maw on several well deserved occasions as a Wean
  12. Would not be a European game at the Piggery without an offensive banner.
  13. Do you need a sickie from benefit fraud?
  14. Three letters, beginning with y.
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