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Not all that gutted.

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Must admit, of all the old firm defeats ive been through, this one is one of the least painful.

At the start of the season, I held out a hope for a title challenge, which has just not materialized. I think everyone including the manager and players perhaps underestimated the jump in quality between the championship and premiership.

I thought we defended really well for large periods of the match, with Gilks, Hill and even the much maligned Kiernan doing well.

We had few chances, the best coming to Holt, with a good challenge being all that stopped us taking the lead. We were however the lesser of the teams on the park today with Celtic deserving the win.

It was however no embarrassment unlike the 5-1 game. The manager made some good tactical decisions with the Hodson Tav pairing doing well on the right. It shows we dont have to go gung-ho all the time and our tactics can be altered to suit.

Niko was missed today, if he had played instead of Windass, I think we could have been far more effective. Unfortunately, this season has been overshadowed more by the Barton fiasco, Lescott last minute breakdown and now the Niko injury.

I view this season as purely one for building. I have faith in the manager and want to see him being given the time to build what he has started.

I know allot will be claiming its the end of the world as we know it, as is always the case when we dont win. But fuck it. I dont care, im happy to be back and we will take back our crown soon enough.  

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