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So what is our best starting team?


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For me I would go with a 442, although at the moment we seem to be switching during the games from 442 to 433 and vice versa. No problem with that at all. Anyway, this would be my starting eleven: Foderingham , Wallace, Keirnan, Hill, Hodson, McKay, Forrester, Holt, Tavernier, Waghorn, Garner. Subs: Wilson, Miller, Halliday, Gilks, Windass. 

I have left out Rossiter as he seems to be constantly injured, although the same could be said for Windass. Tavernier needs a run in midfield to see how he develops there, but I reckon he will come good. If he doesn't, then swap Windass for him. I think Forrester offers a more direct approach than Halliday, and is another who needs a good run in the team. Gilks is a good keeper, but Foderingham has been excellent this season and doesn't deserve to be dropped. I have put Hill ahead of Wilson, simply because I think he brings  stability to the defence, whereas Wilson for me will always be prone to moments of madness, although some of his long passing is very good. Miller, I have as a sub as I think he makes a good impact if needed. Not saying he deserves to be dropped as I think he has been good this season, but just think it's time we gave the younger strikers a longer run in the team so that the confidence can be cemented . Windass could easily fit into the starting eleven but his injuries are proving to be worrisome . If injury free then it's easy to replace him for Forrester. For me, although we are playing much better now, we need to have a stabilised team. Hodson is the only player I am not sure of as I have noticed he has made a few errors , but for the moment he seems to have been free from the typical RM witch hunt . I have not been convinced with Garner but he is growing on me, and I like a player who doesn't give the opposing defence a minute. However, he needs to start scoring. 


The thing that is evident now is the team spirit we seem to have got back, together with the fighting spirit. The Barton situation was horrendous for team morale but that seems to have been put well behind us now. One player who I hope gets back to the team is Tom Walsh. Guy is a great footballer and I am still surprised that he went out on loan. Hopefully he forces his way into the team when he comes  back.


Anyway, that's my first team, agree or disagree? Btw, let's keep any criticism of players positive and give adult reasons why they shouldn't be in the team other than they are just shit.




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Garner and Waghorn up front in a 2

Hodson has to start most games, offers more defensive cover than Tav

Back 2 it doesn't matter as there is not a lot in it although I think Hill is the better of the 3

Midfield? Fuck knows but Halliday Holt and Tav will struggle to overrun Celtic so we need a couple additions in there

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