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hey people, i am making this thread 2day to try and basically get a bit of life back into RM's very own Design area, because of the past few weeks, the comments and sigs themselves have been at an all-time low. We at the design team are gonna try and amend this by asking u the user, do u want to make sigs but cant? do u feel as if u dont have what it takes to make ur own sigs? well we are here to tell u ur wrong, and anyone has the capabilitie to make themselves a nice sig :), people all have their own tastes in what designs they like on other peoples sig, well let try and get the ball rolling for u urself, to express urself in ur own arty and design way. interested? well soon i will be compiling some help files along with the ones we have so u 2 can try and get the ball rolling with making ur own sigs and in time maybe take an big interest in it and help contribute largely to our design area, now if u dont believe what i am saying well.... look at this :)

First Attempt at a graphic (Before)



to now, this is my most recent sig which i made a couple of nights ago


now this gulf in class of design only took me doing a couple of hours maybes each other for 2-3 months which isn't long at all.

how are we going to achieve this?

well as i said above i am goign to put some help files up to help u get started, the best thing to learn graphics is to do Tutorials, i shall provide these in time also, for u too learn different techniques u can use. Now, these tutorials do have some type of jargin in them which u may not be able to find in the program, anything that comes up like that, thats when u msg the Design team, thats what we are here for :)


Adobe Photoshop 7 onwards, thats it. (i wont tell u how to get it but i bet u will find somewhere ;))


I hope some of u take the time to read this over and hope it interests some of u and u come on board and show us ur stuff :P

and to all the already accomplished sig makers about(you know who you are) get ur ass back into the design area and get some sigs made, or even take the time to give some comments to the guys who make sigs, ur comments and critiscisms are appreciated.

Thanks you very much for taking the time to read this and maybe see u in the future!

Jamie "Jama88" McI

RM Design Team

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