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bar 72


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hey guys going there for the old firm game on the 16th

whats it like ? have many of yous watched a game in there ?

Naw...ya bassa!


I jest...have a great time bud!


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Experiences of Bar72

written by: Jockneyranger


No matter who you are, £900 for a single season ticket is a stretch of the imagination for an SPL side. To sell it at this price you have to offer something special - something which a regular ticket doesn’t have - have Rangers delivered? Here’s my opinion:

After 10 years in the East Enclosure I was looking for a change - I was pitch-side and becoming increasingly frustrated with the Stewards and PC Plod blocking my view of proceedings. Bar72 gave me the opportunity to correct this; Mrs. JR gave her blessing (God bless her!) and I blindly applied. Seduced by the PR spin from Rangers I leapt for joy as my ticket hit the doormat - roll on!

Matchday! I’m eager to sample what my hard-earned cash has brought me for the coming season; so rounding the Megastore at the rear of the Govan Stand I’m greeted by a large illuminated sign above a double door "guarded" by two well-dressed staff members - the similarity to nightclub employees impossible to shake! I was asked to produce my ticket and on inspection was greeted with a smile and ushered inside. There are two lifts separated by a staircase, the nearest lift (small in capacity) is full and starts its merry rise, so I take the stairs.

The staircase resembles those of the Clubdeck, in having a central bannister for safety - but there the similarity ends. It’s plush - immaculately decorated, carpeted in Royal blue, and even the bannister itself is painted gold! By now I’m taking two steps at a time, the third floor is reached and I’m greeted by a female member of staff who welcomes me to the West Bar72 - she pushes a card into my hand and I step inside.

First impression - trendy Rangers-themed wine bar!

But once inside properly I get a good look around - 3D Bar72 signs everywhere, Plasma screen TV's , some showing the golf, others with Sky Sports News. Tall wine-bar tables with tall stools everywhere and - my favourite – floor-to-ceiling action snapshots of the Barcelona 72 team.

The bar itself is electric blue, a polished aluminum bar-top with a mirrored gantry adorned by bottles courtesy of our sponsors Carling. With that thought in mind I turn my attention to the card pressed into my hand by the uniformed Lady. "Carling would like to celebrate the Bar72 opening with a free pint of Carling extra cold" - Bargain!

With a cold one in my hand I settle at a table and watch as the place fills up. There is a whole barrage of digi cameras and phones taking pictures, the centre of their attention being Derek Johnstone. No doubt a PR spin, but successful nonetheless.

The Bar also sells food, and with a cheeky curry washed down by the last of my lager I’m off to my seat. Down two flights of stairs, through a double-door and I’m back in the throng of the Govan Rear proper. Out through the relevant entrance and I’m in my seat – it’s just a seat, it’s leather, but otherwise just as I’m used to, except no legroom; row LC has absolutely no legroom! Still, I’m not one to moan (hope Mrs. JR isn’t reading this!)

I’ve got a great view, in line with the 18 yard line, near the Broomie. I introduce myself to the guys next to me and after a reference or two about our proximity to the OF away support we're off.

I don’t go back at halftime - the free soft drink and pie not enough to sway me as the curry is still doing its thing. Instead I head up at full time - this time with the lad who sits on my right. We have a sociable couple, the 72 squad come up for photos and, with a wry smile, watch the Subway Loyal queue disappear out the row of north-facing windows. Once that’s gone with the last dregs of Carling, we head down the ‘Gers-crested mirrored lift and on our separate merry ways.

So does it work? Well there will be those who expected more for their money; yes it does feel like a wine bar, but it does its job. It’s a place to meet up a couple of hours before ANY home game and have your want. There’s no half mile walks to a bar to get served before the game only to down your pint and rush off belching at two minutes to three.

Walking into the Bar and watching the crowds disappear after the game is a bonus - relax until you’re ready to go.

Is it worth the money? Some would say no, but I have to say I’m happy with it. There’s a real informal feel to it, and that makes me comfortable. I think the place will be alive on match days, and OF games will be special.

It’s only my opinion - but I like it.

Roll on the season!


http://www.rangersmedia.com/issue3/#2 (tu)

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