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What Are We Gonna Do Now? Too Many Injuries and Suspensions !


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With all our injuries and suspensions how are we supposed to get passed the hardest and most important couple of weeks of the season?

Look at the whole squad and the players who'll be missin!!

McGregor - Celtic & Fiorentina (Both Legs)

Cuellar - Celtic

Thomson - Fiorentina

Ferguson - Fiorentina

McCulloch - Rest of the season

Beasley - Rest of the season

Naismith - Looks like Rest of the season

Burke - Also Looks like Rest of the season

Webster - Probably Injured! (Dont Know his situation)

Adam - Rest of the season

Now Look At Who's Gonna Cover!!

McGreger - Alexander (Dont Know Much Bout Him So Cant Say)

Cuellar - Dailly (Looked surprisingly solid since he joined)

Thomson - Hemdani (No Problem)

Ferguson - Possibly Davis?? (Move Him Centre??)

McCulloch - Cousin?? Novo?? (Not Gotta Clue)

Beasley - Darcheville wide?? Whittaker?? (Same as Above Not Gotta Clue)

Naismith - (Usually a cover for a striker or a winger but who'll cover him??)

Burke - Whittaker (Only solution)

Webster - (I dno whats happenin with this guy)

Adam - Novo (Done Awryte there)

Now Look at the players who W.S wont play but could be handy!!

Buffel - Winger/Striker (Cover Naismith, Burke, McCulloch,Beasley)

Gow - Possibly Same

Faye - (Pile of shit I know but could do sumn in midfield)

Sebo - (Call him back - Pile of shit but still better than nuttin)

My point is that we are carrying too many injuries and we are really gonna struggle if sumn aint dun quickly.

Wit do you all think?

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