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line up against dundee utd


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What is Walter gonna go with, is he gonna stay tried and tested and stick to his guns, or is he gonna have the UEFA cup final in the back of his mind and rest a few. I think he's gonna rest a few tbh



Novo ---Barry----Hemdani---Adam


think being at home he will go with 4-4-2 again, what u think?

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Definitelty 4-4-2....Whittaker must be deployed at right back now we have left sided players back. Broadfoot was abysmal against the mothers and should remain at Murray Park until he can prove that he can take a throw in !!!!!!!





Davis needs a much needed rest, JCD as poor as he was last night needs a day off as he will be the lone Ranger up front for the UEFA final !!!!!

3 points for the gers in a 2-0 victory !! :rangers: :bouncy:

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