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Which stand is the official Ger allocation


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Looking at buying tickets. just wanted to know where the official allocations were

the ones im looking at are East stand level 3.

british guy, but he's coming through amsterdam airport, same as me, on the 14th

dont want zenit tickets. that'd be a buzz kill



Why can i post replys?

"you dont have permission to use that feature"

oh, and if you'd had tickets for 220... i'd envy you

how much were you going to pay for them? hectic price i'd imagine

but you dont. some other bluenose will be filling the stands with russian abuse. Love it.

Unlucky, haha.

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You can see above where the East stand is. There is NO way anyone will end up with tickets among the Zenith fans. The only way to sit among the fans is if you get a ticket officialy through the club. You will be in the "neutral" end, which IMO, will be made up mostly of gers fans anyway.

Zenit fans will only be in their allocated spot. (tu)

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