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  1. He was rotten today bro. The amount of poor touches and passes was doing my nut in.
  2. Your Mum would have been very proud of you. Sorry for your loss. RIP
  3. Signed up again. Looking forward to the draw. Will most likely do sport options overnighter if they put a trip on. Likes of Latvia, Faroes etc would be my preference as never been there.
  4. Fucking despise when a bear calls himself a hun. I actually cringe.
  5. I don't im still fucking rough as fuck fae last week lol
  6. Haha fuck knows mate probs that baldy cunt walnut who done it
  7. aw wrecked mate Out of curiosity, how did you know it was me? Have I met you off here before?
  8. I am never flying via anywhere again. How long you wait for another flight? Why was it cancelled?
  9. Just bought an unused Malmo away ticket for £11.27 on Ebay, ideal!
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