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  1. A UB has just got the jail for knocking over someone from Motherwell Youth during a riot at Hampden. @cp9
  2. It is a gamble. You need to pay with card there and then so if you hold off booking the plane might sell out.
  3. Can't make Villareal. Going to do either Rangers official or Sport Options if they run to Moscow over night trip. Will do Sport Options day trip to Vienna.
  4. How do you enquire about team flight bro?
  5. I am not going via airports, done it too many times and it is a fucking nightmare on way home. Looks like I am missing this trip now ???
  6. https://rangers.co.uk/news/club/europa-league-travel-information/ No official trip for this. Absolutely raging.
  7. Same as you mate. A mate of mine was wanting information on it so i searched the deepest darkest web and found various information. Good friend I am!
  8. Seen on the web the brass are 3 quid on average and a tenner for max. Unreal ??
  9. If you are willing to pay higher price and travel official with Rangers/Thomas Cook you will get a ticket 100% on 0 points.
  10. Just spoke to sport options. They weren't aware date had been changed so they haven't sorted flights or if its daytrip or overnight trip yet. Said it might be a day or 2 until they release anything. Usual shit about as its July hard to get planes etc. ££££££
  11. I will just be going day trip or 1 night max with sport options. If they don't charter a plane I will just go the official trip. Hearing game could be on Tuesday 17th now?
  12. 1. your sky line dodgy code isnt correct or live? 2. ethernet cable defo in back?
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