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Rangers today and vs M'well


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Is it just me or have we recovered some of our energy these past two games? We seem prepared to take this quadruple all the way. We look much stronger all of a sudden. Is it all adrenaline? We have done something right for sure in our new fitness regime.

Even BF has found a new little burst after scoring against M'well. Only one lacking seems to be Daily.

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I think the performance in the 1st half against Hibs was a shocker and will be fresh in the teams memories. They got burnt that day and I think since that half-time team talk, whatever was said, the Gers have been more fired up

Fair play to Smith and McCoist for getting the lads back on track but to be honest that doesnt excuse the 1st half at Easter Road

I said before that game that winning at Hibs would decide the league - I desperately hope the players prove me hopelessly wrong!

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For me the difference is that we went out to attack and tried to WIN the games. Playing Novo and Cousin upfront made a huge difference and the high tempo start set the tone for an enjoyable entertaining successful game.

Novo and Ferguson led the way with their quick closing down of opponents and non stop urgency.

This was a really enjoyable game and we have not been able to say that very often this season.

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