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Kris Boyd/Scott McDonald


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Remember back last january when we were linked with that moany wee bastert McDonald a had always thought him and Kris Boyd would have made a great partnershipa know its a bit late on this now but what everyone elses thoughts.

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Hutton89 1 Yesterday, 11:59 PM RM Member

Hutton8 0 10-May 08 RM Member

Hutton 0 10-May 08 RM Member

Bob1 2 21-April 08 RM Member

BlueNosee1 0 17-April 08 RM Member

lolza 1 5-April 08 Banned

Hultin 9 4-April 08 RM Member

ghant 2 4-April 08 Banned

Boj 1 3-April 08 Banned

Strachan 0 3-April 08 Banned

sLEPTO 1 2-April 08 Banned

Tinux 0 31-March 08 Banned

Colxion 9 20-March 08 Banned

what a sad individual

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