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Even the Swedes...

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I can give you a heads-up on that.

First of all, it's a general Swedish supporter, not a player, holding the shirt.

The Anders Svensson and Kim Källström is an ongoing hot potatoe when it comes to the Swedish national team. They both play virtually the same position, they were, and are, both concidered the free kick specialists of the Swedish team. So for the last three major tournaments (Euro 2004, WC 2006 and now) it has been a heated debate who to play. Anders Svensson has more experience, and Kim Källström came in and challenged his position. Many wanted to see Källström when he was new and exciting, the next big thing in midfield and free kicks, and Svensson got a lot of critique because of this, often more than was really due. But the GM decided to play Svensson, and often he made good on this confidence.

Nowadays, Anders Svensson has lost a bit of his touch - he's one of the boys in a Swedish team that won their first (I think) league title two years ago. His career as a real pro is over. Whereas Källström is successfull in Lyon. We noticed this in the Champions League if naught else. On the other hand, Lyon has Juninho, one of the world's best free kick takers, so Källström don't do much of those in his club. He's lost ground as the natural free kick taker. Instead, Zlatan has taken much of that responsibility.

So, basically I would say the debate is yet to be solved, I would say. As you can see on the above picture, Swedish supporters tend to agree with me.

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