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Not a happy teddy bear


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What has happened to our side? we're terrible. We were shocking aginst Kaunas, outplayed by a small team (did you see their stadium?) put together at a fraction of the cost of ours. The manager is to blame, his team selection was a joke.

The back four was about as good as weve got at the minute, so no arguments there, although the players are simply not good enough.My issue is with the five across midfield. Charlie Adam is in terrible shape for a footballer, and couldnt trap a sandbag. Lee Mcullough in central midfield? hes an average left midfielder, slow as fcuk and doesn't have the sharpness needed to play in the middle. Dailly is un-exciting player, could surely have been sacrificed for a more attack minded player (Furman?) considering Kevin Thomson plays the holding roll very effectively at times. Thomson himself wasn't too bad, and Novo was our best player.

Kenny Miller tried his best, although that may never be good enough for Rangers.

What is going on?

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