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  1. UB Silence

  2. UB

    More Rangers / Loyalist songs are sung than "bouncy ultras schlalalalala chants" people have the opertunity to join in but don't. Nothing about not knowing the words.
  3. UB

    Jump of the heads of Glasgow Celt*c hasn't be sung in months and can't see it being sung anytime soon.
  4. UB

    Everytime a song has kicked off in other stands BF1 sings along, The main aim of the section is to create atmosphere and the drowning out other sections songs is a myth, Only time someone is told to shut up or sung over is when it is one or two people in BF1 trying to start their own chants.
  5. UB

    And how exactly do you know these people are members of the UB?
  6. Rangers v ICT - Halloween - Anybody dressing up?

    Don't dress up in BF1.
  7. UB display.

  8. Where's our postcard Bois?

    Motherwell's group are known as the Well Bois, They done a display against Rangers last season about how they're going to Europe and we weren't. The UB made a come back display ripping the pish out of how quickly they got papped out.
  9. Ally McCoist Banner

    Not forgetting the EX TBO member who made the design.
  10. Union Bears and the Blue Order

    The group would be behind the goal if it wasn't for David Martin... For those who don't know what im talking about give this thread a read.
  11. Sector BF1 Dark Colours

    Wrong forum, Delete!
  12. Union Bears - Hooligans?

    Well he is lying, You would be surprised the amount of people who run about telling people they are "UB" just because they have a public sale t shirt and acouple of stickers.
  13. Union Bears - Hooligans?

    Clearly not a member of the group, Most likely people who sit in the section, Doesn't make them "UB" though.