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  1. None for us, will get one from somewhere though.👎🏻
  2. With them only arriving in glasgow about an hour ago, would like to think we will give a good challenge.
  3. The official communication is nonsense, always is, when has it been right.
  4. Wether or not the club announce it, can 99% guarantee everyone in my gers will get priority tickets for livi.
  5. Heard its st holders in mygers first and then st holders without.
  6. Heard after discussions yesterday and this-morning with the club and glasgow city council in regards to the celtic allocation we have been granted 20,000 for sunday and 24500/27500 for Livingston, Depending on covid cases upto then.
  7. Just got 4 in the club deck, must of been granted a increased capacity.
  8. Just got an email in the ballot but no tickets available.
  9. Very good from Rangers, can see their point as they haven't made much from the fans recently, only had a low of about 17 emails this week with new products so good of them to bring something new out today.
  10. Pal just got an email saying hes been succefful in the ballot, no my gers, no boxes ticked for frienldies, got 1 ticket in the club deck for sunday🤦🏻‍♂️ Still amazes me this shite
  11. Too add to that, the same person admitted the ticket office have made a mess of it and acknowledge that but theirs no going back now.
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