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  1. All stickers just been dropped at the post office this morning, about 200 packs so will take the guy a while but he reckons he will get through them and hopefully be with everyone next week sometime, ideally planned on being with everyone for Tomorrow but they only came yesterday, were held in customs for around 13 days, sorry about the delays. cheers everyone!
  2. Cheers, should be with everyone ideally before old firm all going well. Only got 5 packs left incase anyones thinking about them, they will probs sell out today.🇬🇧
  3. Would absolutely love to win it while playing and we can watch the players celebrate on tv so hope its against them, but any way will do, yass🇬🇧
  4. Only about 20 packs left then sold out, cheers everyone!
  5. Don’t get why people do it, all just for likes on pages, ruins it totally.
  6. They are on sale as a preorder, everything going to plan should be delievered to everyone before the old firm, dont worry.👍🏻
  7. Morelos is some player, the goals he has scored and his record have been terrific, still reckon we will get another season out of him atleast before a big buyer comes in.
  8. Cheers to everyone thats ordered🇬🇧
  9. Patterson all day, redeemed himself the other night, well done kid!
  10. Its been 10 years, she will understand🤣
  11. Rangers song - The billy boys Loyalist song - A proud history
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