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  1. Well, I've got to say... Untitled Goose Game... discus...
  2. Great stuff mate. Enjoy it!
  3. Really looking forward to this. On way back from Liverpool to London with my step-dad. He’s a Brighton fan, and I’ve got really close with him. Picked them up as a team to follow too. Hope to catch some of it together. Does anyone know if I could buy the game to stream and then watch it later on on RTV? Want to watch it over a drink with my stepdad later on in case we miss it.
  4. Love the guy. A colossal defender who has progressed and grown into the shirt. Number of appearances since joining is ridiculous, but particularly last year was the stuff of legends.
  5. Flash of white and no pockets, crucially for £3 more. Bring back shorter shorts and zippy pockets. They’re all like basketball shorts on me anyway.
  6. The shop on Buchanan St said this week, maybe they meant Monday or Weekend? Along with the Long Sleeve home top which I'll be going for unless the away top is a stunner.
  7. Went into Buchanan Street shop today. Asked about long sleeve home top. Apparently it’ll be released along with the away shirt this week.
  8. First time they got it right since Spider-man 2. Finally did it justice - and some!
  9. I’m sure it was confirmed as much. Definitely a DLC. I wonder if Square Enid’s Avengers and (admittedly terrible looking) Guardians games will somehow link in. I assume not due to the Sony situation as you rightly say. Next steps look clear anyway in terms of story following both post credit scenes. Looking forward to seeing where they go with that. Absolutely love Spider-man games. It’s the perfect concept for a video game when done right. I’ve said many times on here how Spider-Man 2 is one of my favourite games ever, these two encapsulated what was so good about that game too.
  10. But both are absolutely amazing.
  11. It’s hard to top the original. It’s story is so well written too. Both play so similarly with obvious tweaks here and there for both characters. As you say, the individuality of Miles’ character when playing MM is superb, but it suffers from a lack of depth for me in story. The whole story just seems to be another introduction to a different collectable, which definitely helps the game’s runtime, but am I harsh in calling it lazy too? Original did the same but has the benefit of a better, more engaging and much longer story.
  12. Finished the main story of Miles Morales. Really enjoyed it as I knew I would. Will finish the collectibles then I’ll need something new!
  13. Still no sign of long sleeves for this 😢
  14. Really want it with long sleeves but not on site yet.
  15. I love it 🤷🏻‍♂️
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