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  1. Fulham 2004... Jerome Bonnisel & Carlos Bocanegra.
  2. Gavin Rae and Chris Burke there too. Joey Barton and Peter Lovenkrands. Clint Hill and Joey Barton, Waghorn and Edmundson, McCrorie and Kamberi. Probs quite a few if I spent a bit of time. No photos though just all from memory!
  3. Aberdeen are insignificant and inconsequential. Their success these days exists only based on results against us. Beating them is always enjoyable, especially in run-of-the-mill, anticlimactic fashion. It crushes them.
  4. Carry themselves as winners. Every one of them. I am so proud.
  5. Agreed. But I, along with many others, wrote him off long before he showed what he was capable of.
  6. Thought Dorrans would win POTY when he first signed. Also thought Murphy would be our best player when he signed... Thought Kent was poor when first signed and only thought he was playing because of his Liverpool connection. That changed fairly quickly once things started happening for him. Gerrard said stick with him as when it works out for him, we will love him. Think a few people should remember that when things aren't quite going his way. On his day, there's no better player of his kind in the league.
  7. No surprise seeing you bring this up . Hopefully there will be something in the future with McCann. Looks a good, impressive young player.
  8. On his way up to Glasgow today to try get a deal done today.
  9. This is genuinely how I've felt game on game Hibs and now today is the first time I can actually bring myself to believe.
  10. No idea why he has been criticised in the past? Things really have been that dreamy for us that we need to try talk something down. 😅 Did well when he came on and has more than played his role. Importantly allowed us to give others a rest, and has come in every time and done his job. I think he probably has more to give too.
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