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  1. Feeling like I can’t properly function today. It’s a really painful one. Thinking of the people I’ve met and the people who looked up to him too. From the likes of Archie Knox, Ally, to Kevin Thomson who all speak about Walter so powerfully. There are not many who are truly universally loved and respected in our game. Anyone who worked with or met Walter left with his respect. Even as supporters, he was the man we all looked up to. The pinnacle of being a Ranger.
  2. The greatest Ranger, certainly of my lifetime. A hero, an icon and ultimately a king.
  3. Don’t worry too much. It’s not offensive. I don’t think so anyway. The symbol itself is not offensive, it is historic and could have enhanced the kit imo.
  4. Gutted there’s no blue star. That would definitely have been bought for its uniqueness.
  5. I used to do that, but it seems to pick the wrong players anyway. Usually I hold R1 to have someone pressure the ball whilst jockeying towards the passing lane. Doesn’t let me change properly when doing that now. Actually shitting it to play online as a result!
  6. What the hell has happened to defending. Didn’t buy last year but thought I’d treat myself to see if fifa could keep my mind ticking in my downtime. Used to jockey off the ball and try to cut out passing lanes. Seems now any time I’m literally standing where the ball is going, it just misses me anyway. Changing curser when defending also is a mess. It’s proper hard to defend with that. Really frustrating!
  7. Hooray for stadium WiFi. Back in the city for this one. Wish I was 45 minutes late. Second half a bit better. Roofe making a difference but so many players just off it. We seem full of raw players, composure lost at times.
  8. Captain’s contribution the difference today. Delighted to win. Fans were fantastic.
  9. got ya. Google was coming up with all sorts!
  10. What is EOGT mate? Been racking my brain for ages trying to work that one out.
  11. Saw everyone around standing up and looking over but I didn't get a glimpse of what happened?
  12. Assuming Kent wearing the 32 Red kit was just a fuck up? Nothing to do with why we decided to sub him at half-time other than the fact he wasn't exactly at his best?
  13. Extremely unprofessional, lazy bookings tonight. Badly let his team-mates down who proved last year the running and effort they can put in. Badly needs to get up to speed. Arfield twice the player.
  14. Obviously wasn’t great for us, but I do remember his goal against Hearts and I just remember his face of absolute delight when he scored. Looked like he enjoyed being a Ranger even if he wasn’t up to it at that point in his career. We’ve had way worse tbh.
  15. Annoyingly, I actually liked it as I saw it in flesh and on the players... Never to be seen again though.
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