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  1. The RST and the £92k

    Many people found and started using RangersMedia because of the Pravda like mindset that had taken hold at Follow Follow. FF had, and probably still has, some excellent posters, but the promotion of certain ideas and the continual 'sniff sniff' accusations that were made to anyone who didn't share them stultified debate. In my opinion that policy directly led to the rise of RangersMedia. A Rangers forum where posters like AndyPendek, Manticore, OlegKuznetzov, Contacts and WVB could state their usually contradictory piece, 'admined' by the much missed and always excellent Rabbit, without anyone thinking they were Tims or somehow being unfaithful to Rangers was very appealing to many posters. Gunslinger is a great poster, ShoreRdBear seemed lucid and making an effort to reply. It would be to RangersMedia's detriment if posters like that were being banned, timed-out, or in some other way being unable to post at a very important time for the club. I'm not a member of the RST and never have been and have particular dog in this fight. PS Having been on the Shore Road many times it's a brave man who'd ban someone from there!
  2. So if the club comes out of administration but not as a 'new' company they 'own' our tickets? But if we close and a new 'company' is formed all deals are off and they've lost their money? Are they that stupid or perhaps its me that is?
  3. Administration thread

    Well if only I saw it what harm is thier, they're, eh thair... <insert smiley face thing here> We've probably got more important things to worry about but it made me smile, sorry.
  4. Administration thread

    Oh dear! People in glass houses...
  5. You can sell anything if there is a willing buyer. The inference seems to be that he made the deal with Ticketus before purchasing Rangers. This would be an on paper deal it's unlikely any money would change hands at that stage. What it would give him is the collateral to then borrow the money required to demonstrate proof of funds for taking us over. Whoever lent him the money had the piece of mind that they'd get it back when the purchase concluded from the pre-agreed Ticketus deal. I'd add that I've no idea if that is what happened, it might not have. But it's not a massive jump in logic and it may also be illegal.
  6. He could quite easily have sold off the season tickets before he bought the club. The insinuation is clearly that's how he funded the purchase. I don't know if that's true or not and I suspect AJ doesn't either but wants it investigated in case it is.
  7. It would depend on what they found. The person (Whyte) under investigation has the most to fear. SDM might have something to fear too depending what, if anything, it turns up. For us the danger is a period of limbo. If Whyte was say struck off or worse we'd still be owned by him. We could then slip into administration, or worse. Of course this may come to nothing.
  8. Willie McKay is a horrible man from the little I know of him however he's pretty shrewd and usually knows which side his bread is buttered on. Which makes his comments tonight about Rangers, and Whyte in particular, quite telling. Football agents tend not to have a go at club owners unless they've nothing to fear in reprisal. I wonder just how the pressure Whyte must be currently feeling is affecting him. He's under a spotlight he's never experienced before and is facing considerably more of it in the future. I wonder if he's thinking of an exit strategy.
  9. As it's (apparently) the ex chairman of the club and so someone privy to the negotiations and disclosures of the takeover it is highly likely they will investigate. What isn't clear is if they'll find anything wrong.
  10. ...apparently. Sports editor of the Sunday Herald just tweeted it. Johnston really doesn't like Whyte does he.
  11. Yes, guilty as charged.

  12. Are you the same AMMS that used to post on Fat Eck?

  13. I've not posted on FF much really since I discovered this place, but I'm still a member and still pop back from time to time. For me FF had become an echo chamber, I'm not sure if that was due to the moderating or simply it attracting very similarly minded people despite the diversity of topics. RM has a broader collection of views, views that are aired strongly, too strongly sometimes, but that's the internet for you. For what its worth I broadly agree that the 2 issues (the late repayment of table ticket costs and the lending of a credit card machine) aren't in themselves very important. I can sympathise if the person in question struggled to pay for these, we're living in difficult times. The amount is now paid, everyone knows about it, procedure can be tightened to ensure it doesn't happen again because however innocent it was it can look bad when viewed from outside. So they lend their credit card machine out, big deal. Lawyers or accountants might find fault with that, i'm more relaxed about it. I think a lot has been made of these two issues on here that feels opportunistic and I said as much 10 or 20 pages back. However Frankie further explained to me that this is only the case if these issues are viewed in isolation. When added to other past issues then criticism is surely due. I would agree with that too. From your point of view I can see why this thread feels like a virtual lynching, for some involved it might well be that, but that's a shame because it hides what should be a real issue for you and others involved with the RST. You clearly have problems reaching out to the greater support, there is mistrust and wariness from people who probably share similar aims to yourself. As a body you will eventually have to address this. It seems there are personalities involved in this who are polarising, and those who dismiss this as petty are missing the point.
  14. Just think if only he'd paid back a grand of it then we'd all be smiling quietly at the the remainder and happily left it sitting in the accounts for everyone to see!