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  1. What have Annan done wrong?
  2. Aberdeen and Hearts owe most of their debt to their owners, as such it is unlikely they'll collapse. St Mirren, although currently debt free, would need to seriously reduce their overheads if Rangers leave the SPL, that's why they might have a problem. Bear in mind almost every club has already got players, managers and suppliers on contracts that are already in place. You can't simply renegotiate, that's what Motherwell were trying to explain to their supporters, for all the good it did them.
  3. Okay. Lookers, the English based PLC motor group, are in advanced negotiations to buy Lomond Audi Group. Due diligence is complete and as such Lomond Audi are not allowed to sign any new contracts that could materially affect the value of the company. Whilst the deal hasn't been signed yet Lomond have informed staff of it and it will almost certainly go through in the coming weeks. This story is bullshit, the deal expired, the new owners might want to renew, they might not, until they are either in place or pull out of the purchase nothing can happen.
  4. Okay, I'll leave you to post the pish from now on then. Happy now?
  5. Oh, don't be bashful, go on, a long post explaining the finer points of employment law, and from an expert too, think of the rep you'll get!! I'll rush to the cliff and stop all those people I panicked from doing anything silly.
  6. Yes, maybe you should. Or, you know, you could just continue to criticise others.
  7. Yeah, fair enough, I'm premature. If/when we go into liquidation though this is what will happen, the newco transfer wheeze won't stand up in court if challenged.
  8. No. We're in liquidation so TUPE doesn't apply. If we were in administration it would apply but not liquidation. All employees will be entitled to redundancy payments from the government based on their length of service although these are capped. The 'newco' can offer all of them jobs but they don't have to accept them.
  9. Ironically the word Auchinleck is pure Gaelic - field of flat stones. They don't speak much Gaelic round there now but they must have at one time.
  10. I love it when people pick fights with 37,400 odd post Manticore, I think it's the only reason I still come on here. I've virtual man love for the ageing internet pugilist, I've never seen him bettered yet. Pretty poor show that blog, if you don't like FF don't buy it/visit it. It's really not that hard.
  11. Australians can't resist alliteration, naming them Western Suburbs Rangers will explode the Australian mind. They need to call them Wanderers or Wolves or Wombats or something beginning with 'w' or the country might spin into a social and economic decline. I've voted for Rangers just out of badness really.
  12. Not true. They have to do what's best for the creditors, when are people like you going to understand that? Duff & Phelps couldn't give two fucks what happens to us after they are gone.
  13. Because it is not Duff and Phelps job to do what's best for Rangers but what they think is best for the creditors. Green is bad news, if he's who is fronting it, and so the 'respectable' one, fuck knows what the rest of them must be like.
  14. Got to say if that's the reason he's pulling out we've got off lightly. He's clearly got no idea about the 'robust' nature of British football fan culture.