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  1. Bought my tickets for Twickenham to see the Rams again. Hopefully they can win this year. Also the 1st round of the Draft was mental last night. Roll on round 2 for the Rams to finally get a pick!
  2. Green and white? :shifty: Haven't bought them but if you wait till closer the time and the Jets are playing shite, which is likely, you'll get them pretty cheap on resale sites.
  3. Yes because the NFL isn't powerful enough to shut someone up... There's no conclusive proof because they burned the tapes.
  4. They filmed the Rams before the Super Bowl in 2001. They didn't just film the defensive signals, it was the full walk through.
  5. Falcons defence is playing phenomenally right now. Need to keep it going for the full 60 minutes, though.
  6. Dan Evans pissing himself in the background.
  7. We might actually be decent next year. Just hired the old Broncos defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips. Might not have the talent of the Broncos but we have some decent players.
  8. They're playing at the Stubhub Arena next year. It holds like 30k...
  9. Rams just hired the youngest Head Coach in NFL history.
  10. The fuck does optimistic mean? All our Head Coach candidates are unproven at that level of management. Our defensive coordinator just went to the Browns. We don't have a 1st round draft pick. Go Rams.
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