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  1. Jason bourne was Fantastic not as as good as the first 3 but def up there with them
  2. Horrible fight huck is past his best
  3. Pain and gain was not a bad watch Not great but passes the time when your sitting bored
  4. Crolla Linares should be decent m i can see Linares doing a number on crolla tonight
  5. People forget Jacobs never went to weigh in on fight day like he agreed to. GGG was 169 lbs on fight day. Jacobs was rumoured to be 195 lbs and walking around like a light heavy no way BJS would be as heavy as that
  6. Just the thought of a ginger snatch mate, never had one before ?
  7. Hollywood hot i would go Amy Adams , Megan Fox , Jessica Alba etc
  8. Jennifer Lawrence just doesn't do it for me tbh decent but not Hollywood hot
  9. He's 35 , that's never going to change. He's seek and destroy so it will eventually be his downfall fighting a boxer. Someone like cotto & canelo will suit him as they will stand and trade. Jacobs was on the move and he really struggled last night. Super middleweights would struggle to knock GGG down i think he should just fight Saunders and win all the belts and retire he's had a great career . Not many big names but they all went hiding from him
  10. I gave it to GGG . . . Just he looked really poor tonight. For me he threw the cleaner work. I have GGG 2 out the first 3 rounds then a 10-8 round , it had him 3 points up after 4 so many tight rounds could have gone either way. No where near a robbery that some are making out
  11. He looked the part at the weigh in ??
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