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  1. Fuck up im entitled to my opinion without clowns like you telling me I should get a grip you settle for mediocre players
  2. Let's be honest , they never let themselves down but I saw enough tonight to know they are bang average players who shouldn't be wearing our shirt
  3. I like the idea he's told the team now. Hopefully not on a weekly basis but for now, he's bleeding in youngsters and it's refreshing to see. You have to see what you have at your disposal before making changes in the summer. Only way you can do that it to play them and see how they handle it. Well done pedro
  4. Horrible fight huck is past his best
  5. If he's still with them next season , they will be a second string Celtic outfit they will probably loan him Scott Allan , Cifti , Henderson etc they will be even bitter next yr you can guarantee that.
  6. Gillete


    It's the plan until we (or he ) can get his own players in and get rid of the shite he's working with at present
  7. Never saw Pedros first game but was it the same with Goal kicks? we aren't getting any possession and momentum to build an attack as we are just going long all the time and it's coming straight on top of us again. Players like mackay , Holt etc aren't going to win an Ariel challenge against Pearson etc
  8. That's how I view it he could easily get injured and never play again. Chelsea move will financially set him up forever if things don't go right. Cant turn down that kind of money. Best for both parties if he signed for them/had the first option on him and loaned him back to us chelsea will rightfully want to decide where he goes though. Same thing will happen to the young lad dembele at them
  9. Crolla Linares should be decent m i can see Linares doing a number on crolla tonight
  10. People forget Jacobs never went to weigh in on fight day like he agreed to. GGG was 169 lbs on fight day. Jacobs was rumoured to be 195 lbs and walking around like a light heavy no way BJS would be as heavy as that
  11. You can be offside from the 2nd phase
  12. 2nd phase of play though would leave them deeper than the high line the would have adopted if we never used Hill like that (in doing that creating more space for our players to pick up 2nd balls))
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