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  1. No clips or images are worth anything sadly unless you capture what is called "The Hollywood Ghost" In other words a ghost materialising in front of the camera on command and interacting with you. Needless to say James Randi's 1 Million Dollars is very safe.
  2. This video has always intrigued me because it is different from your normal "orbs" or lens flare as it appears to show a pulsing light moving in the area where a medium is claiming to see children playing. Taken in Scotland so no fireflies or such insects to take in to account http://www.ghost-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&module=images&section=viewimage&img=94
  3. Wouldn't be so bad but i think i would change Carol Vorderman for Rachel Riley any day of the week.
  4. That they do but underlying energy sources MAY contribute such as power cables,ley lines or overhead/nearby pylon cables. It is just one possible source or explanation though.
  5. Well as you are only too well aware your epilepsy is triggered by a "power surge" of electrical activity in various areas of the brain..i.e frontal or temporal lobe.I am assuming you have a Grande Mal seizure by the sounds of things meaning you lose consciousness as a result. Various forms of epilepsy are common in many of us without it actually triggering a full blown seizure. What science and the Paranormal world has been doing is studying brain wave activity to see if there is a connection between increased electrical activity and "sightings" or "sensations". We all know flashing lights can
  6. Dogs are often used in Paranormal Investigations as allegedly they can see and hear things we cannot. A lot of Paranormal stories involve dogs for this very reason as they are often afraid to enter certain rooms or parts of buildings or bark incessently at an empty space.
  7. The mind/brain is the biggest single denominator in the Paranormal world. Until we fully understand how that works and how it reacts under certain circumstances then we will never fully understand the Paranormal. Various theories abound as to why people only see people/animals but none of them really stand out as being the definitive explanation. I do believe though that many people experience "Paranormal phenomena" but due to lack of knowlegdge and understanding of the subject it is either dismissed or classed as a ghost. What baffles me though is when you can replicate certain phenomena in t
  8. When doors close on you without help not once but twice when you approach them it can start to get you thinking. When you hear footsteps in a corridor and you think someone is there only to find on one it gets you thinking. When you hear whistles right beside you when no one else is in the area it gets you thinking. When doors slam on their own accord when no one is in the room it gets you thinking. When you capture strange sounds,voices and whistles on tape when the room is silent it gets you thinking. When you capture strange pulsing lights (not orbs) on video that cannot be explained it get
  9. He is faster on the right because he knows he can go full pace at the defender confident that he can cross the ball on the run with his right foot. On the left he is not as confident hence why he keeps dropping inside. It has to be said though that on the left he isn't helped by the fact that Papac isn't overlapping as often as a full back should when he is forced inside. On the right he will have Whittaker providing an overlap. He won't play on the right though as that will force Smith to break up the Edu/McCulloch partnership which he isn't going to do.
  10. Davie Cooper only had a left peg.All his managers played him on the left wing for a reason.He was so fuc*ing good with his left foot it made sense to play him in the position that favoured his strong points. Weiss is predominantly right footed and if you play him on the right where he can use his pace to get by defenders then more often than not he will perform. SAdly though this "left wing" position is the bogey one that has seen Fleck,Lafferty and now Weiss all suffer as a result of being pigeon holed in to a position they clearly do not like and do not perform at their best in.
  11. Every newspaper and media outlet in the West of Scotland was contacted by VB about running the story. Every single media outlet and newspaper refused to run with it and i think from memory every single outlet didn't even have the courtesy to reply to our request saying thanks but no thanks. No agenda though.
  12. I am positive we spotted this (or something similar) when we were down for the ceremony back in July.
  13. It's also a prime example of double standards and one rule for the Tartan Trannies and one rule for us.
  14. So we're down to 100,000 now
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