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  1. Not unless they have changed the rules since then which i think they have.
  2. Playing the Carrick tomorrow. Thank god for the recent dry spell because it is a nightmare when wet.
  3. Lessons paid off as did all the practicing after work or at weekends Shot a 77 at the weekend (nett 64) and could have been lower had i not missed a couple of easy par putts on 10 and 18. Back 9 is the tougher half and i shot 37 (par 35). Cleaned up in the pairs, stableford and best scratch. £80 in vouchers for Pro shop on top of the £50 from the previous weeks member/guest at Largs where we finished 3rd.
  4. Played Largs at the weekend in their member/guest competition. First time i have played it and i can honestly say the greens were some of the best i have ever played. Thankfully we had some rain on Sunday because in the Pro Am on the Friday they were apparently like lightning.
  5. Playing the Carrick end of June but in all honesty i wouldn't be that bothered if i didn't. Drainage has always been their biggest problem since it opened.
  6. Go in to a lesson ready to learn pure and simple. If it is a one off then you have to decide what area it is you want to improve. I got a block of 6 game improvement lessons that focused on all aspects of my game.
  7. Yeah i know what i am doing wrong. Weight on heels and too "handsy" Need to get back in to the groove of having the weight near the centre to front and let the swing hit the ball and try to stop guiding it. Lapses in concentration mainly but at least i know why i am doing it and how to fix it. Same with irons off the tee. Need to learn to trust my new swing more.
  8. Last practice game tonight then the medals finals tomorrow morning. Driving has went a bit wobbly last couple of games so hoping tonight can sort it ahead of tomorrow.
  9. Yeah would be good and vice versa. Clay is taking us down to the coast for a game soon as well. You playing in their open day?
  10. Playing off 13 just now but i know it can and should be lower. Personal circumstances have meant i haven't played much competitive golf the last few years. Finally free to get back in to it hence why i took the lessons as i knew my game needed improved in all areas. Driving and short game being the two that really needed worked on. Driving is getting there and so is the short game. Got medals final this Saturday so weather permitting i will be working on those two areas this week.
  11. World of Golf lessons seem to be paying off. Out last night for a game with mate and playing everything as it lies and putting out. Par is 36 out and 35 in Out in 36 with one bogey and one birdie Wind gets up on back 9 and back in 43. If golf was only 9 holes i'd be brilliant lol
  12. I've played a version of it at the Tour 18 course in Houston Texas. Even though it wasn't the real thing the nerves still hit you as you teed it up. Managed a par on it so walked off chuffed. And i was only 1 over for "Amen Corner". Kid you not they have reproduced those 3 holes down to the last detail to make you think you are playing at Augusta http://tour18golf.com/
  13. I would get rid of all the posters with 25 posts or less. They contribute nothing to the site do they? Over on VB you are off the board if you don't post and contribute to the forum and in other interests as well.
  14. Big Andy who looks like Lurch *lol* Made a massive difference to my game as he really knows his stuff.
  15. I've just taken 4 out of my 6 game improvement lessons over at World of Golf in Clydebank. I wish to god i had taken them years ago. Never had a lesson and got my handicap down from 23 to 12 within a few years. Then i stalled and it went up to 13. I thought my game was reasonably ok and i just needed to practice more but boy was i wrong. All i was doing was practicing more of the bad habits i had incorporated in to my game. Biggest change was my grip. All too often the club is gripped too high up the fingers or in the palm of the hand. I now rest it on the first joint of my left hand and it gi
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