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  1. You're correct but the facts do and the lack of factual evidence saying otherwise. Apart from that keep trying...🙄
  2. The level of answers here to enforced segregation is incredible but not surprising. Shows the IQ level or simply the selfishness of the individual that they approve of medical apartheid. The irony is I'll bet many go to the pub before it. Mix with vaccinated and unvaccinated but wet their frillies entering Ibrox to sit in the open air. Then go back to the pub or on their supporters bus home. Anyone show me the proof that medically these passports are a benefit?
  3. Clueless. Wetting your knickers when you've been vaccinated. Are you not protected then? Are you admitting the jags don't work? What is it you're so afraid of?
  4. No it's not. It's on the SNP government for introducing apartheid restrictions that are not based on medical efficacy.
  5. Is this your sole argument. My rights as a citizen are being taken from me wise ass. And what a puerile and weak angle you're taking. I'm under no obligation to support apartheid either. Businesses will need their customers before customers need them. Do passports stop infection spread..yes or no?
  6. What part of not being allowed entry are you having trouble with? Already had covid. Immune system beat it as I was told it would. Don't need an enforced vaccine. Rangers, just like every other business, will suffer financially by complying with this apartheid. The facts don't lie despite your repeated attempts to deflect from the point discussed.
  7. What has that got to do with the forced imposition of a passport that has no health benefits. There are none. France, Israel, Canada...all seeing massive drops in business from people unwilling to be a part of this apartheid. Clowns like you are just as much to blame as Sturgeon because you're weak, uneducated and unable to see the bigger picture.
  8. Wondered how long it would take for you to reappear. For the reasons I outlined in my previous post. The 'passport' is discriminatory. Provides no medical benefits and is for one purpose only. Control. To wear people down and get everyone vaccinated against I virus that is only fatal to less than 1% of the population. If you're too stupid to see the facts and see what is transpiring across the world then that's your problem not mine. Final point is that all businesses will need my custom before I need them and that includes Rangers.
  9. Then you clearly don't see where this is heading. Nor do you see the damage being done by dividing society and excluding healthy people who exercised their right not to take a vaccine for something their own body can deal with. A vaccine passport isn't a return to freedom. It's another step to control. Cop26 delegates don't have to show anything while they're here. I find that odd and going against all medical advice during a deadly pandemic. Then again I prefer to call it bullshit and a set of rules for the 'important' people in society and a different set of rules for the plebs. So after 49 years going to Ibrox to see Rangers I'm now barred because I won't take and don't need this vaccine. That's apartheid and against all logic but it seems many here and I'm society are happy with this discrimination
  10. The only problem is it doesn't stop transmission. It doesn't stop you catching it and it doesn't stop you dying from it. Yes it may reduce the severity of your symptoms but that's it. You've still got to social distance. Still got to wear a mask Still got to show your 'papers' Still limits where you can travel although they are changing to let more compliant spreaders of the virus go their holidays.
  11. Plenty of brain dead, ill educated morons happy to promote apartheid. Anyone, everyone my arse.
  12. I see nothing has changed. The usual suspects believing there is no agenda against Rangers. The usual arseholes working for a rag that wants us cleansed from Scottish society. Rangers fans my arse.
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