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  1. I see nothing has changed. The usual suspects believing there is no agenda against Rangers. The usual arseholes working for a rag that wants us cleansed from Scottish society. Rangers fans my arse.
  2. Every single VB article gets sent to ALL media outlets and to many individuals. They are constantly ignored. Draw your own conclusions.
  3. If fans didn't sing about it no one would know. If the English media hadn't mentioned Scotland no one would know. If we hadn't exposed the picture showing Stein and Saville together no one would know. There is a more of this story that has ever been fully investigated. Like the Celtic directors deliberately destroying vital minutes at a meeting when Stein exposed Torbett. Or the trip to America where families were paid hush money not to expose Torbett or the club. Some fans sicken me
  4. Token fine, warned as to future conduct. Why do people think we live in a fair and just society? The SFA will seek damages privately for cost of repairs and Hibs will no doubt compensate for stolen or damaged cameras etc. Apology issued and the infamous 'we have to move on and draw a line under the past'
  5. Ask yourself this. Why is it everytime VB or others expose these lies the Police do not seek retraction or apologies? Not once have they went after a media outlet for making them out to be liars. Why? My info....Political. Coming from the very top of Government
  6. OK here's something to ponder over. Rangers attack Sturgeon. They attack the inadequate security and protection afforded to their players and staff. Noses are out of joint at Holyrood and Police Scotland. Sturgeon and the SNP effectively control the Police and have politicised them since becoming one body. You see where this is going? Get a compliant Editor or Editors and you soon have deflection in full mode. P.S this has come from sources high up in one of those groups. As I said something to ponder over and not yet proven.
  7. Rangers lawyers, supporters groups, MSP's and any other fans with influence and clout should take the Daily Rebel to court. That rag and all its journalists should banned Sine Die from Ibrox never to return. The hatred and agenda against our club and the fans has never been so obvious. We warned everyone years ago what was happening. Thankfully many saw the signs but too little too late. For this cow and that rag to print such lies tells you of the contempt they have for all things Rangers
  8. Not read through the entire thread but I assume everyone has seen the tweets from this Janet Hamilton. Who'd have guessed she's a bheast. Usual suspects will be along to say there is no agenda against us.
  9. We said it years ago but when you vote SNP or anti Protestant bastards or both this is what you get. In my eyes you cannot support Rangers and the SNP. Our players were attacked on the field of play and all these cunts want to do is congratulate Hibs for winning the cup. The handwringing arseholes in our support are equally to blame as well.
  10. A precursor to Club1872. All encompassing provided certain people vet what is said and done and by whom. On this one occasion, given the seriousness of the subject, I would have hoped the cause was more important than who organised it. Sadly unless he is in control or profiting from it then it won't get displayed. Would be rather ironic if bears from FF profited from the magnificent gesture of other bears from sites other than their own.
  11. Could maybe do with the title being changed to reflect what the topic is about admin?
  12. Decided to use some of them and a couple of my own last week......got my biggest win of the year....£6,020 Debts all paid off
  13. I'm not worried but i am not overly confident either. The team still has a few weak areas. And if truth be told we have carried the luck in some games we could easily have lost or drawn in. However the difference from last year is confidence, fitness and talent. All 3 are much better and therefore i expect us to put up a good performance and win by the odd goal. I just hope the fans expectation levels are tempered soon because we can't win every game 5-0 playing silky football.
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