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  1. Because most of the fans are moaning fuckers and not content with being 20+ points clear, want more SPL players so we win by even more.
  2. http://www.news.com.au/top-stories/wellington-goalkeeper-mark-paston-wins-bozzas-save-of-the-week-for-stop-against-brisbane-roar/story-e6frfkp9-1226553117667 Maty Ryan won save of the week this week and we even get a little mention in there as well. I wouldn't be surprised if this comes alive again at the end of the season when he is out of contract. p.s It is Mat Ryan (or Maty Ryan) as he only spells it with one "T".
  3. That is awesome news mate, I am so happy for you! When you head this way make sure you get in touch! Maty Ryan had another outstanding game again today with several good saves, one world class.
  4. Hey mate! Ah OK, my bad. All good here, what about your good self?
  5. Yes, it is confirmed and he is awesome.I have seen every single game he has played for Mariners and I am gutted that he may be going there. Worst news possible.
  6. I think that a lot of people have been in his ear and it certainly wasn't a popular move with the supporters either. I have been a season ticket holder at Central Coast Mariners for a few years now and the timing is odd to say the least. Mariners are top of the league and would be playing local rivals Newcastle Jets for the game that he would miss (along with Tommy Rogic and Berni Ibini who are both away on trial elsewhere). I'm really not sure what we will learn from getting him over to Glasgow for a trail that could not be seen by having somebody watch him playing in the A-League. Every sing
  7. 6 Chinese birds and a crate of Stella, imo.
  8. Walter's included matches against many of Europe's elite clubs. Ally's included matches against the likes of Annan. Not in the same ball park. My record as a Manager is on a par with this but it doesn't mean I am in the same class as SWS.
  9. My guess is that he was not a Brummie, he was a tim on the wind up.
  10. Completely irrelevant in the context of my post. As I said, everybody is entitled to their opinions on Ally and what is required. I am simply saying he deserves respect as he has dedicated a large part of his life to our club. I never said he deserves (or doesn't deserve) the job.
  11. People are entitled to their opinions but I can not stomach some of the disgusting comments about a Rangers Legend in here. He deserves respect, even if you want a different manager to take us forward.
  12. Whenever this topic is touched upon, why is it always started by a tim a new member with a handful of posts...I wonder...
  13. That back four would leak goals for fun! The rest isn't as bad...
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