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  1. Glad we are wrapping edu and mcculloch in cotton wool for malmo. Theyll be fresh and ready to go! Can't wait
  2. He'll be on the bench again against malmo and those 2 diddys will be murder again.
  3. Where is the thinking behind playing a RM AT LM AND A RM AT LM??? honestly?
  4. Makes yi wonder how well we could play if we played players in their correct position.
  5. Please McCoist take edu off before he injures himself....infect wait....
  6. McCoist saying that he wants the same performance second half and thinks we have knocked the ball about well? Encouraging about goodwillie tho!
  7. Well that was mostly brutal. Mcculloch shite, edu shite, Whittaker shite. Papac and edu not working at RM and LM but I'm glad we have a lead. If this is the shape of things to come from McCoist tho
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