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  1. I genuinely don't believe there is
  2. you keep bringing this up but I really don't see why that's an issue at all tbh. I suppose for the rangers das it is somehow. probably the same guys that don't eat green grapes or don't shop at Asda I agree with the penalty argument however. Poor judgement from Halliday
  3. Kennedy still favourite followed by Howe and Maresca Very much doubt Eddie Howe, reckon he will stay in England. Surely upper table championship teams/ lower table PL teams would have him top of their list.
  4. Miller, Boyd, McCoist. Don't think there was anyone between McCoist and Boyd that hit 100.
  5. i like Halliday but he was totally wrong . It was 100% a pen and Morelos yellow will be rescinded.
  6. But...but.. they didnt have a shot on target Hahahahahahahahabanjahahaha
  7. Don't really think that matters tbh Most media companies are owned by cunts
  8. he said it on Clyde last night
  9. Andy Halliday confirmed that Robbie Neilson was shouting instructions from the stand and they could all hear him clear as day
  10. Was good to get a rest from listening to ian crockers mouth breathing
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