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  1. Listen to this banger greetin 😂
  2. Free plasticine are on the bandwagon Suppose it must be all ok to gather in crowds now? Looking forward to the weekend. Hope its sunny.
  3. Lets see the cunts at this gathering condemn us on Saturday
  4. Uefa have moved the CL final to Porto 😂 fucking arseholes man.
  5. Ones I've been to 1) Ibrox 2) Camp Nou 3) Stadio Olympico
  6. tims meant to be in for him anaw
  7. Think we were linked with him back in January. Could be something in this like what happened with Fashion Sakala.
  8. Could be Jack Ross but they are waiting till the season ends. Hibs could still win the cup
  9. Theres a lot of Lowland league/ Junior teams that would pump the League 1 teams. The money can be better at that level too. Think the colt players would develop well whilst maintaining the style of play we have at the club.
  10. Ed Sheeran is the new sponsor of Ipswich Town
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