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  1. The cunt posted it on twitter himself 😂 somehow wanted everyone to see it
  2. You canny call anyone a fanny tbf
  3. Think the only "rat" would be the guy that posted it on twitter.
  4. Nah people need to see it and realise a few supporters of ours have been racist cunts. Let people make their own judgement, I've made mine.
  5. It's a set of our fans being racist towards their player. So it involves them, hence being in the them thread. I think the bigger issue here is that racist remarks were sang against their player and our club should be taking action to see the fans banned from ibrox. The police will undertake a separate investigation whether that warrants a fine or jail time.
  6. Posted the video in the "THEM" thread Arsehole racist behaviour. I'm sure the investigation won't last long
  7. Another dug shite performance. Dreading next weekend tbh
  8. Stupid cunt got himself sent off a few days ago and nearly fucked us getting a result against a bunch of farmers.
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