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  1. Even if they get pumped on Thursday he wont get sacked. They are already out of Europe so the result is meaningless. Would prefer they lost as it will damage their confidence even more.
  2. Still waiting to hear the panels thoughts on Brandon
  3. Its nearly time https://planetradio.co.uk/clyde/player/
  4. Is the isolation period 14 days from yesterday? Hope he recovers soon
  5. Strachan wouldn't worry me. Another outdated coach at the helm will suit us.
  6. If i was at a club who i had no allegiance too and who i did not support, I would be thinking to myself get me the fuck out of here. Fans threatening players and staff etc.
  7. Sure to get a reaction out the players now If anything they will want to leave in Jan
  8. Glad to see Stephen Kelly in there. He must be buzzin
  9. That statement is brilliant. Why would the players want to start performing now if their fans are throwing missiles at them?
  10. He is off form just now but certainly has the talent. His performance v Braga last season was incredible. He is only 21 and will get better and more consistent. I've no doubt that he will start performing better soon.
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