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  1. I wonder if an election had anything to do with it 🤔 The bride of chuckie knew exactly what she was doing. It was always about votes.
  2. Your not Boydie from thornliebank are you?

    1. real boydie9

      real boydie9

      No mate. Don't know if I've any family in Thornliebank, although my dad had 5 sisters and 4 brothers so anything is possible 😊 originally came from Kinning Park, moved to Dumbreck married a girl from Drumchapel.

      Andy Boyd

    2. Thornliebanktrueblue


      My best mate was an Andy Boyd from Thornliebank. He is 61 now and was a welder in govan shipbuilders. Brother Davy owned British damp and timber preservation. 

  3. The Pips are the happiest backing singers ever

  4. Whats happening Mr Togs what have I missed?

  5. Oh Henry boy the pipes the pipes are calling

  6. In a land not a million yards away lived a man eating dominoes

  7. Quint didn't get the shark but Brodie did

  8. How's things my wee gorgeous Blue Daughter its been such a long time bambino

  9. hiii boyyydieeeeeeeee

  10. Alright mate, where abouts in Drumchapel u from?

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