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  1. Laurie with a call in the last 10 minutes 🤣
  2. I don't think he was a Rangers supporter KJ, if he was he's one of the most negative ones I've heard.
  3. Doesn't sound like a Rangers supporter IMO.
  4. They can't help themselves to say something negative about the wee man mate. Fuck them.
  5. Highlight of his night is that shitty quiz.
  6. Probably looking for big words in the dictionary to impress the panel with.
  7. Where's fucking Laurie fae Dennistoun?
  8. Gordon Duncan "How do you know Laurie isn't phoning in?" Because you cunts on Clyde would let him on in a minute to spout his pish. Smart arse.
  9. Keevins has called wee Mo a nasty piece of work before.
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