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  1. McCoist needs to get a grip soon. Those decisions today were daft bit we got away with it!
  2. Played well when he came on. Gotta be given a run on the right!!!
  3. Pure total utter shite. And that's being kind. Mcculloch is fuckin brutal as well.
  4. Glad we are wrapping edu and mcculloch in cotton wool for malmo. Theyll be fresh and ready to go! Can't wait
  5. He'll be on the bench again against malmo and those 2 diddys will be murder again.
  6. Where is the thinking behind playing a RM AT LM AND A RM AT LM??? honestly?
  7. Makes yi wonder how well we could play if we played players in their correct position.
  8. Please McCoist take edu off before he injures himself....infect wait....
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