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  1. I see Rossiter has signed permanently for Fleetwood Town but Fleetwood are refusing to disclose how long the contract is to the press. Never heard of that before.
  2. The Neymar transfer was unique in that the fee was paid by Qatar to his representatives for him to be an ambassador for the 2022 World Cup, on the understanding he would buy himself out of this Barcelona contract, pocket the rest, and sign for PSG on a free transfer. I don't see another situation arising like that in the forseeable.
  3. He didn't like the weather here so he said, then he was on Merseyside in a similar climate a few months later happy as Larry.
  4. miracle


    There is a beta of a Dreamcast emulator for the Vita but it's really just proof of concept and hasn't been updated in years.
  5. Dortmund slap a £100m price tag on Sancho with a deadline of the 10th of August for offers.
  6. Just get Big Marv and Lovenkrands in to do the commentary.
  7. Hamilton always lie down to that mob, it's not unexpected.
  8. I'm not sarcastic I'm I'm ironic; pre-empting the doom and gloom merchants on here.
  9. Games a bogie lads. Shouldn't have bothered renewing my season book.
  10. I hope within my lifetime we see a Rangers team playing this quality of football. Breathtaking.
  11. Lennon has his tactics spot on yet again. Truly a joy to watch.
  12. Might as well throw in the towel lads. Ceptic are clearly light years ahead of us and on their way to a thoroughly deserved 10IAR.
  13. Dundee should be the epicentre, is there a more Godforsaken place on earth?
  14. It would take them all too long to learn to use an knife and fork. I say nuke it.
  15. Can't we just nuke Hamilton and pretend it never existed? Same with Paisley.
  16. Top of the league and Aberdeen are bottom. I'll be happy with that at the end of the season.
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