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  1. The Goalie and Numan two of the best I've met. Had good chats with both. Numan I met as both our missus were trying clothes on in a shop in braehead. He sat down next to me with his kid and we had a good 10 minute chat. The goalie was at a sportsman event twice so admittedly he had to be in a chatty mood haha
  2. Yeh but I bet the £20k plus a week was alright though. Kinda have to take the bad with the good I'm afraid in that industry. Biggest wank I came across was Mo Ross in the dancing one night. Billy big time ........ Was slaughtering Amoruso because he played "in his position".
  3. He's another wank.
  4. Of that £10M in the bank this includes season ticket money plus £1.5M from sports direct. And our financial director COULDN'T distinguish what was season ticket icome or what was IPO cash (utter bollocks). Reality is there can't be much if anything of the IPO cash left at all but I better not say that on here as good old Chuck is all for us isn't he and wouldn't fleece us would he. Head out the fucking sand guys.
  5. He supported septic as a kid.
  6. Has anyone tried and reviewed it? Worth a pop? If the cash is going to the club ill buy it regardless?
  7. Can you PM me a price for the crest and 5 stars on the 1st page.
  8. Watched a few documentaries about him on YouTube, boy is super quick. Has all the tools to go very very far. Infact if he doesn't become a unified world champion he will be a failure with the hype around him in Ukraine.
  9. Haye fight is now off.
  10. Can you PM me a price list for the ones in the OP mate as some of them are not on the Copland website. Cheers
  11. Think it's a hockey ground for the games mate.
  12. Good work bears. Ps just looks the same but.
  13. Gutting myself, fuckin superb.
  14. Been in twice recently the TVs are superb and you do get served very very quickly. Couple of points however, one of your bouncers was a cheeky cunt I put it down to wee man syndrome though. Plus does the owner really need to get on the mic every 10 minutes and tell a joke?
  15. Anyone live near Ibrox, how are the roads and pavements etc? Guess that's the only thing that would affect the game being off I'm sure the pitch will be covered.