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  1. He knows at 3-0 the game is over. He should never be in charge of Rangers games.
  2. He's close. You can hear a wobble
  3. Lucas Biglia would be worth a shout for a year. Looks like he may be going to the championship.
  4. And Trisha. He hurt her feelings apparently.
  5. Disagree tbh, as soon as they started getting his family involved I recon that was it for Morelos. His treatment by the media in this country was nothing short of a disgrace.
  6. Nope. Cant afford to have passengers for that game.
  7. McCoist sits with that fat gimp Brazil on talksport. When any potential transfer talk is on, Brazil constantly biggin up Edouard while in the same breath calling Morelos a nut job and a head case with Ally just sitting twiddling his thumbs. Whenever that fat wank is questioning any of our players the reply is simple: We dont take morality lessons from you, you fat fingered fucking mess of man.
  8. Na they will revert to the trusted 6-4-0 formation soon enough
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