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  1. Narsa Convention 2017

    Vegas will be great. I've been to a few but never a Vegas convention. Vancouver will be good too.
  2. Rfb Interesting Statement

    STATEMENT: The RFB were contacted today by email from Mr Llambias to say that he was disbanding the current Rangers Fans Board and would revisit it after the EGM. The RFB have noted this and whilst awaiting developments will at this time continue to work together with the fans for the betterment of our great Club. Can we remind all shareholding supporters to follow the Proxy Bear way and get your votes in by proxy now. Every vote counts. It's imperative that the EGM goes ahead smoothly and delivers a result. The RFB would like to thank all supporters for their words of support and encouragement. We will follow on. https://www.facebook.com/rangersfansboard/posts/510790532396761
  3. Attention U.s. Bears

    Sportsnet World in Canada too.
  4. Wh Ireland Petition

    Do these petitions ever actually achieve anything? Not a pop at the OP, just wondering.
  5. Old Rangers Videos On Youtube

    Never mind YouTube. Go here: http://watptv.com/
  6. channels (tv) for the game tomorrow

    Sportsnet World in Canada. Fox Soccer Plus in the States.
  7. Keith Jackson at it again

    Apparently not going by his tweets.
  8. Fans Board members

    The fans board are having their first meeting today so some more information should come out after that, and specific email addresses for each board member should be revealed soon.
  9. McCoist "We must find Consistency"

    And already we're six points behind Hearts.
  10. Who was the last Welsh player to score for us?

    Yes. The 3-3 game.
  11. Footage from last night's match-up

    Might not work if you're not on Facebook: https://www.facebook...&type=2 Edit - for non-Facebookers: View My Video
  12. The Fans Board

    It matters because it was suggested that William Paterson was the guy doing the reporting, but that article had another name to it. Nothing to do with the rights or wrongs of the reporting itself. Ok, thanks.
  13. The Fans Board

    Says here Phil Maher. Or were there two? http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/football-news/rangers-crisis-entire-ibrox-board-3494316
  14. The Fans Board

    That's good, I voted for her.
  15. The Fans Board

    Haha! :D