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  1. Mansion


    Playing just now on channel 5.
  2. Unsure mate just heard 3mil being mentioned, dean sounders was also at the golf outing today.
  3. Moyes will be their new Manager. Desmond to use 3mil of his own money to get him. Source was with John Hartson today playing Golf with him. Bring it on Moyes, we welcome the chase!
  4. One of my best mates Dads the chairman of EK. Expect the game to be at Hampden or Fir Park. If they deny them both then the Piggery but rules changed 2 years ago stating the fixture cant be reversed so dont know how thatll work.
  5. Sant Ponsa is irish infested
  6. Him and the teddy bears will be on Soccer AM this saturday!
  7. Had 50 bucks on 3-1 at 12s with 365.
  8. Still ragin wae laws effort when it broke to him in the box in the first half should of been low in the corner instead of straight at the goalie!
  9. Looks like a few empty seats in the govan. Shame for those wanting...
  10. Keeps Sunderland up apparently he was in tears! Is it true hes never been relegated as a manager?
  11. No dig atoll. Jig chatting to that wee dick anwll like their best pals shocking
  12. Hell be no where near match fit im afraid.
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