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  1. Lovenkrands was leaking info to the press I heard. Rather than sack him they said he ‘left’.
  2. Totally gutted. Matthew was a lovely boy. Social Media has been hard to read today. He was loved by all. RIP bro❤️
  3. Pecuilar. Hope it doesnt end with a shite ending. Ends up being someones dream
  4. Just watched 3 episodes of Manifest that are available. Hooked.
  5. Whens the Ibrox dowloand out? Seen a video of the San de Giro in the game on twitter but no Ibrox one. Buzzing too see Ibrox.
  6. Its my mental health. Back on anti deps and under review cause i walked out work. Voices got to much im afraid. Will take it day by day and take my time. Wont be poor and penyless for long. Got great family and friends. Anyone reading this feeling down PM. Happily share experiences.
  7. Missed so many games lately due to health which has led to financial difficulty. Mates pals with Laffs and managed to secure a ticket for Free. Not alot to him but means the world to me. Buzzing.
  8. Chaos apparently they cunts causing it dont know where. Mate posted in a chat
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