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  1. 6 pages of win = good refs,don't win = cheaty refs. Fucking simpletons.
  2. Wee Nacho was fucking tremendous.
  3. They'll hammer us at every opportunity after we completely shat ourselves in the summer.
  4. No we can't afford another abject failure like the last 2 seasons,of which results like Sunday and Livingston were all to common. There's a pattern that keeps repeating that will see him gone at the end of the season,if not before. Fail to win on Sunday and serious questions need to be asked. They won't though,because Gerrard.
  5. Domestically he is a fucking failure. Take from that what you will.
  6. You're a random name on the Internet,I couldn't give a single fuck about how I strike you.
  7. Its an excuse used by folk who are too much in awe of super Steven Gerrard they can't see any criticism towards him and are blind to his continuous failings.
  8. You think we should have won a cup final we didn't score a goal in. Geez peace.
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