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  1. This makes more sense than anything @KingKirkposts.
  2. The thought of having this circus trailing alongside us is fucking nauseating. Thread is aids as well.
  3. @GOATseething he's going to miss his beloved celtic
  4. Email in. Fucking shite folk are having to miss out because of this shitshow.
  5. He's hurting. Wonderful.
  6. Very lazy efforts so far considering its the 150th year.
  7. Thank fuck thats what you think kirk.
  8. Oh no. Whatever shall we do? Might cry into my coco pops.
  9. Why would I be hiding?
  10. Standard in todays society... Make a cunt of yourself. Cry. Be rewarded for stupidity. Rinse and repeat.
  11. Amazes me how people can be this stupid.
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