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  1. Our Club Should Follow RM Posters Example.

    This should be pursued to the fullest extent. If not malicious it is at the very least negligent.
  2. Burton's selling Gers top, now offline!

    I don't think a name will be made public. I agree with the rest. Are we to believe this was an innocent mistake? That's another retailer I can't go in to. When you then add the ones that don't sell poppies and have committed similar indiscretions, I will soon have nowhere to shop. You could not sum up the insidious rot that is in this country any better.
  3. Attention

    Been once, I'd rather burn money than go back.
  4. Why would Hearts only be relegated to Div I ?

    As a what???
  5. Goals That Blew You Away!

    Pretty much all Souness goals, Wilkins in the 5-1 game, Durrant in an old firm game at Ibrox, cooper did a wee shimmy, put him through and the celtic defence were still scratching their heads when he scored.
  6. old chants from sellers

  7. Scotland Freedom App

    You can say anything as long as it can be considered "craic". If you are Scottish or worse British best leave it at doffing your cap, bearing in mind you are in the minority and calling big issue sellers and people dressed like big issue sellers sir or madam.
  8. Would it not make more sense...

    It would make more sense. Yes.
  9. I completely disagree with the above. If I call someone a fat/baldy/etc b, I am not discriminating against all fatties/baldies/etcs I am insulting the person standing in front of me and picking out their most notable feature to add a bit of emphasis. I am not being fattist/baldist etc. I cannot get my head round why, if in a similar argument with a person of different religion or ethnicity, by using exactly the same insult, I am now a racist or a bigot. If this is the case then why, for the last hundred years or whatever, have there been no arrests for fattism/baldism?
  10. I don't think it was. I think the general level of language and invective has become poorer and poorer as time has gone past. For example when I was a laddie the fourth(?) line of "sandy in royal blue" was "the day we beat the celtic". It is now apparently "the day we f***** the celtic". This does not in any way improve the song and if anything belittles it. Neither is it down to intellect or the lack of intellect, there's just no need for it.
  11. So, given that Focus act on complaints, is it reasonable to assume that person or persons unknown are monitoring this site on a regular basis in the hope of finding something to complain about?
  12. Songs that could have been wrote in our honour.

    ELO - Mr Blue sky.
  13. I only read as far as "respected journalist". That's where it lost credibility for me.
  14. Cosgrove Apology

    When you're the best and you're knocked off your pedestal all those who you have beaten suddenly feel strong. Rangers were a wounded animal and the jackals took advantage. The motives for that need not have been bigotry, it could just have been sheer envy and bloodlust. However, the truth of the matter is that it is very disappointing that individuals who made various statements, when proven wrong, cannot find it in their hearts to apologise.
  15. Murray In The Herald

    Has the credibility of Salmond not just suffered a bit of a blow?