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  1. Laughable - you're not a Billy you're a fucking idiot.
  2. I am not your mate - and I don't like seeing the way you treat people. And your other twot @Smile Equally waste of valuable Protestant time
  3. The clown was told that hours ago.............. Yet
  4. I''ll have no bother. Found out you're at it though. On Wednesday if there's a 50/50 - you'll not be calling for a red card - because you've been found out.
  5. You have said it was a Red Card - umpteen times. Are you a tim? If so, how many generations? Your mother's side? or Your Dad's side? or all their sides But you're a fucking tim.
  6. @SeparateEntityMyArse should be deleted from here. A now locked forum he destroyed with his red card pish, he's at it here too. And his side kick too @Smile
  7. What does this mean. A Rangers supporter posts a doom & gloom topic and he's hijacked by a clown - and now I'm being questioned. What's all this about?
  8. Your dementia is further than you think. I told you 10 minutes ago to check your timeline when @gogzy telt you a few weeks ago to stop arguing.
  9. Still at it - a Rangers supporter - still fcking at it.
  10. What would you consider that @SeparateEntityMyArse and @Smile are worried about - seems to be summin?
  11. Fucking clown - mention anything about today's game and Derek McInnes ii will take up the red card Woeful
  12. You're the instigator of this entire thread being about a Morelos red card. No one else.
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