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  1. They canny be trusted - throughout history, especially wi kids. If the truth be known. We're not the same.
  2. He, John Greig scored the winner, penalty at Ibrox for the 1st game my Dad took me to. I was 6 years old 1969. And we regularly spoke about it all the way through my childhood. Roll on 1991 and my Dad and I were invited to the opening of the executive boxes at Ibrox by Alex Willoughby - and low and behold, Mr Greig was our waiter - what a man. 2 of the finest days of my life. Happy birthday sir...…..
  3. First thing comes to mind is bad memories
  4. We think we're Barcelona - yet playing against Sunday pub teams.
  5. Who cares - the objective is not to deliver the pizza - but to return to the same spot.
  6. If they were 2 pizza delivery boys - on average, during the course of 90 minutes they'd be in the exact same spot.
  7. We've been hoping that for years - the stupid thing really is that they've been becoming weaker while we've progressively become stronger. And they will collapse - mark David Kings words.
  8. They'll collapse like a pack of cards...
  9. There's always a view to take it away from us (not saying you intentionally are) but for others to take it away. But put it this way. What other football club (or any sporting institution) could take +/-10% of their national population to a (one 90 minute) football match?
  10. Liverpool won the EC/CL during 70/80s - they were a nothing club in the 60s and before the 60s. Rangers was Britain's biggest club and was continuously/close to being the wealthiest from the early 1900s to 1970s. Although we've not won the EC/CL, Aston Villa have and they're not considered anywhere close to the big scale of clubs in Britain or even England. At the time of 2008 Rangers had the largest movement of football fans ever in the history of any sport. The Manchester police chief claimed 400,000 Rangers supporters. Closest to that would be Real Madrid, 50,000 for a Europe
  11. The question was, who is a bigger club than Rangers and not who has had better teams than Rangers.
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