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  1. You’ll need the gold version of the Premiership patches that Bydo posted. We won the league the season before so wore the champions version of the patch.
  2. Mine arrived. Normally a M but feels like I might have to go up to a L. Short on the arms too.
  3. whatcha gonna do when they come for you bad bhoys bad bhoys
  4. When are we to find out if this it true or not?
  5. with Boyd it was "alleged sectarian abuse"
  6. This may actually work in their favour. Do you think that it will kill the atmosphere if there is no back and forth?
  7. shop looks fucking brilliant from the outside!
  8. Anyone know where to get Rangers stickers, similar to the ones on the website below? http://www.truebluesmerch.co.uk/ourshop/cat_1171346-Shop-cc-pg_2.html
  9. I wouldn't say this is sectarian. It was not directed at any Catholics. It's freedom of speech.
  10. hearts game moved to Sunday if we play Rapid on Thur?
  11. Don't underestimate the importance of competing on social media. Well done to our media team - great work to drive engagement!
  12. work from home Thursday, then the Green Man in London for the game
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