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  1. Aye, let's all protest and get them chucked out and that leaves administration back at day 1, as D+P have been in talks with the major parties that will determine a CVA's success, amongst other things. We'll get some new lads in and Rangers will be in administration for much longer than they need to be. D+P will be out and on to their next case by the end of june, and will be far, far away from Rangers. They don't have much left to do so let them just get on with it, so we can end this hell one way or another. Moan about Mark "I'm a total wankstain" Daly's documentary after we're out and safe. What difference does it make in the meantime?
  2. Admins could reject bids and hand to liquidator if they feel the creditors will get more that way. Scary thought, but they've been on our side in the press, so I would hope it wouldn't come to that. They seem to understand us and our love for our club.
  3. When was the club saved? Has something happened?
  4. This whole saga, I reckon, has knocked about 5 years off my life.
  5. Well this just sucks doesnt it. . . .
  6. The sun just shouldn't be allowed to exist. There's weans in primary school that could muster a better attempt at writing a newspaper article than that pish.
  7. Was this from a source inside the club?
  8. At this point, negativity towards TBK should be non-existant. Like it or not, if they manage to save our club, they will go down in history among: The founders, John Greig and his 1972 side, the 9iar team + Walter Smith. Let's all prepare for the next few days, and hopefully we can let out a HUGE sigh of relief before envisioning as far as next season.
  9. Cannot believe people are reacting negatively to this post. This is the happiest I've felt ALL YEAR as a Rangers fan, forgive me, winning the "be part of the squad" competition and getting pre-game access to Ibrox and meeting Sir Walter was the happiest moment for me before pumping the scum 3-2 at Ibrox. But aye, this is the best news we could have had.
  10. As in < or > than 40 mil? It matters that he has money, but we don't know who he's in business with. It may be them who are providing cash as well. Who knows? The plot thickens once again... well... thins out a bit as TBK step back... but thickens elsewhere... I'm talking pish now
  11. SSN reporting that Ng's bid won't involve ANY borrowing. Canny understant the wee guy that well that's on the phone!
  12. 1) Would you rather he had no affiliation to the club? I know Whyte was full of shite but just because a high profile businessman says he's a fan doesn't make him a crook 2) If he didn't believe in Scottish football why would he invest? 3) He's part of a consortium, he's putting money in along with others from Singapore. 4) If it is a farce, then the administrators will not accept it and go with the Americans, so no worries there. Optimism
  13. If Whyte sells his shares for £1 I will eat my hat, so the saying goes.
  14. Did anyone see the wee guy in red in BF1 at half time? He was geein it yaldi, soo soo fucking funny, me and my mate were entraced watching him dancing
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