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  1. we can dress it up anyway we like but wexwere shite yesterday. I will however state that imo fitness of the players was shocking with at least half the team only 50% ready for the season.
  2. did they win tbe world cup?? ffs how pished have i been the last few years ?
  3. if games against motherwelland hibs these past 2 seasons are anything to go by these provincial clubs appear to hate us more now than ever. what I dont understand is that we were the club fucked over yet you would think we had done them over. any rational for this and can we expect more of the same next season at pittodrie etc?
  4. tav is superb going forward. best to get a better right back in and move tav further up the pitch.
  5. i agree but thik he fuelled it big style. not right but wish we had fucking steamed right into them yesterday.
  6. i think Stubbs is to blame for a whole season of fanning the flames of hate between the clubs. he is a prize c##t imo
  7. I agree they are pish.
  8. Wish they would bring back the cup winners cup as imo two many teams in Europa
  9. Im concerned about you relieving the guys in the tent lol
  10. I thought this thread was a reference to Rogics penalty miss?
  11. Some positives and negatives to be taken from this
  12. Kinda hope hibs get past falkirk as they would have the 1st leg of play off final 3 days before cup final and 2nd leg 3/4 days after that. Not only will the be physically fecked but mentally their real cup final has to be the play off and trying to get back to the spl. Ps hibs attendance vrs falkirk 11,850 for such a huge game. Joke of a club
  13. Ru on drugs ?
  14. Moondyne Joes in Fremantle Western Australia. Packed bar and im the only one watching the old firm whilst the Aussies all 2atched afl/rugby
  15. U are no rangers fan calling a rangers legend that