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  1. I’m about 40 off too, sure there will be a few going over there - especially home end.
  2. I thought the CR was bad but that’s mental, is there an issue with fans skipping the queue?
  3. BEE

    Real Madrid

    Don’t think he comes on here anymore but as you say good at replying on FF / twitter.
  4. Been allocated a Brighton ticket and can’t make it, happy to swap for Real Madrid (+/-) any cash difference or buy outright. Won’t sell seperately.
  5. Davis shat it in that interview, guy shouldn’t be anywhere near media duties.
  6. They bastards are 9/1 now, fucking no chance.
  7. Tom Miller is rank rotten. He’s said, ‘hits the target’ several times for shots flying over the bar. Does he mean the ball is the target?
  8. That looping header against the sheep was brilliant.
  9. Sorry to hijack but I’ve got a couple of tops with COAs, is there any way to use them to actually ensure they‘re real?
  10. I’ve literally put that story a few posts back and what actually happened. Jardine counted him as one of the players in his statement the club would be pursuing. Went invisible when the club was in the shit, Lee McCulloch was the one facing the press regularly as Davis didn’t have the balls to. No reason he couldn’t of stayed and requested a transfer, the fact he was the skipper makes it a lot worse for me.
  11. Check this out: Birmingham Mail Story Massively patronising. Truth is Southampton paid up a minimal fee compared to his value to avoid the threatened court action.
  12. I had to watch the first half of Thursday game on kids Amazon Fire tablet as got stuck in traffic Ios app seems buggy as fuck, got it working but glad got laptop as backup.
  13. Cheers mate I’m going to try casting from phone to chromecast but I’ll have laptop on standby. Bet we catch the last ten mins!
  14. From laptop? Tomorrow will be first time I’m trying it.
  15. That’s him! Totally forgot he went to Thistle, looks like played for a few decent clubs.
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