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  1. Davis shat it in that interview, guy shouldn’t be anywhere near media duties.
  2. They bastards are 9/1 now, fucking no chance.
  3. Tom Miller is rank rotten. He’s said, ‘hits the target’ several times for shots flying over the bar. Does he mean the ball is the target?
  4. Pretty petty that he’s kept his Liverpool pictures off
  5. Yes, would assume it’ll be different if it’s adult / concession as there’s issues there but I used to make sure I was in a friendship of 6 people so I had more chance of getting tickets - doesn’t work like that anymore. I’m still in a 6 and not all of us got Livi. No idea best asking TO that one.
  6. Doesn’t work like that anymore (since this season). You can cancel up to two games a season per membership, anymore and you’re taken off ccs. Been stated one on here but I’ve not seen that anywhere else.
  7. If we’d spent over £1m and gave him two years then he turned out amazing and fucked off for nothing then others would slag the board for a lack of foresight Fuck knows whats happening with him, if we had loan bids and he’s not going to play then surely it’s better him going even if it was paying a small percentage. Maybe want to keep him around given Jones injury?
  8. Out of those mentioned in OP Holt, Rossiter, Alnwick and Herrera all expire at the end of season. Murphy contracted until ‘21 and Grezda until ‘22.
  9. Boab video has been posted recently so hopefully someone eventually posts.
  10. Good luck to the wee man, a lot forget he was signed for £65k and will be on a (relatively) low wage. Never hid and gave his all.
  11. Guys a wank but the wee roasters on twitter giving him shite are just as bad.
  12. BEE


    Can you cunts no read?
  13. BEE


    Any videos of Jack challenge?
  14. BEE


    I fucked off soon as ball hit the back of the net for the second, not seen anything past that and won’t be rushing to watch the highlights so definitely fuck all to do with that.
  15. I understand the reasoning but IMO it’s a small team mentality doing something like that.
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