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  1. you phoned me while I was on my lunch break at work fucking fleeing and pished, boys told me you were asking for me, raging I missed that trip.
  2. Still googling for the result against this proto tbh, hope we got a result.
  3. Just watched Enter The Dragon again, absolutely superb movie, "bullshit Mr hand man " "you ain't going to Hawaii jig" and "more tea Mr Braithwaite?" cinematic gold imo.
  4. Certainty that I'll be the first to spill something on the cunts, can actually hear the abuse I'll get just now tbh.
  5. Fuck that, nearly 1200 fucking quid, no cunt is actually allowed to eat at it.
  6. Stayed clear of them since the summer, drank 8 out the back one Sunday and was fucking minging, right sore heid the next day as well, nice cider but not for me.
  7. Few beers and a half bottle then I'm eating the 14" Carolina reaper pizza I bought yesterday, then early bed for work, she's away out with the older 2 shopping and has left me with the youngest and her wee pal, cartoon channel on and 2 happy meals has bought me peace for a couple of hours.
  8. Mrs. Wellhouse will probably never allow anyone to sit on them tbh, every cunt in this house gets their food and heads for the couch to watch the telly, expensive candle holder imo.
  9. Comfortably holding a half bottle and big bottle of Budvar in one hand while showing off my new marble dining table that absolutely no cunt in this house will ever use.
  10. Just shouted aimlessly at my steering wheel, fucking pains in the arse.
  11. They fucking extinction rebellion tramps, blocking roads in Grangemouth and claiming they prevented access to the plant, blocked fuck all access, everyone was in at work as usual, away and get a job and a wash ya tree hugging attention seeking warmers, had to take a detour because of the cunts and that annoyed me, might cut some trees down and not recycle for a couple of weeks in protest.
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