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  1. I'll say it again, for weeks on end, step over step over, back heel to no cunt or no back heel and run out of pitch, he has been fucking awful.
  2. Okay, Rangers scored a goal today, shat it , just like the 1940's .
  3. Not taking criticism from a country that just allows a wee fud fae Austria to just waltz in giving it the big yin and trampling yer hoose to the ground
  4. Fucking wish I was back cheering on John Daly and diving to save a wayward shot behind goal QOTS away than be in the position we find ourselves just now, oh my christ what have we become.
  5. Only going with what I saw in replays, hopefully he was about 3 yards offside, just tastes better for me when we win draw or score and it's proven later that we possibly shouldn't have, makes me all warm and happy tbh.
  6. Absolutely needs dropped, does Itten deserve to never start a game and get 15 minute cameos despite Morelos having a mostly not in form season, does Defoe deserve to not play from the bench for weeks despite looking dangerous as fuck most times he's came on, Kent has been fucking atrocious for a while, seems to be the continuous star of the show with some of our support no matter how he performs, I like him and think there's an excellent player there but he's been mostly shite, needs a spell on the bench.
  7. I've ordered fireworks and smoke grenades, I'll allow you to light them from my bare arse with a flamethrower if we lost the title.
  8. It's ok to nit pick over a disappointing result, but that's all it was, disappointing, league is done.
  9. It was offside but I'll take it, very likeable guy who deserves a run, looking like a great find.
  10. Kent has been fantastic a couple of times in my memory, mostly he has been fucking shite, harsh but true. if you look back it's absolutely true, still think he's a great talent that could be coached into something very good, he's predictable as fuck , I remember him more for an embarrassing punch at lego eater and a stupid pony tail more than anything else tbh.
  11. If the point difference was 4 or 5 in a title race I'd agree, in a title race heading into late January 21 points ahead I'd not agree so much.
  12. Kent is just step over step over, back heel and either run the ball out of play or just lose possession, has been for far more games than he shines in but gets away with it in here far more than others.
  13. We were half decent against Aberdeen but we really haven't performed anywhere near an acceptable level since early December.
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