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  1. Some things cameras shouldn't show, I absolutely worship Mrs Wellhouse and she feels the same (I hope), but fuck having life threatening stuff like this played out online,hopefully this young man makes a full recovery,
  2. M8 my daughter came down the stairs and asked why the fuck are they showing this, fucking disgraceful
  3. Why the fuck are we still watching this live, the boys family are watching this ffs
  4. The fuck was that wee black ball thing rolling about there?
  5. I've really enjoyed the game tonight which is quite something for me because I fucking hate international football, Italians have been outstanding imo
  6. This is now very obvious, yet still there are posters on here who support the cunts, I'd honestly ban them from the forum, just my view.
  7. Fuck Scotland and fuck their fans, won't be watching any of their games and I hope they finish last in their group with no goals scored and a healthy goals against.
  8. Brilliant stuff, get that winning mentality flowing right through the whole club.
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