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  1. Always find the value in the lower leagues in Scotland. Will have a look before tommorow.
  2. Yes. It's a snapshot nothing more, It's not worthless but not to be taken too seriously.
  3. Was there a body regulating over these loans? Yes/No Brown ended this is 1999. Three bodies without power and controls. Deregulation was the start of the end.
  4. Gordon Brown(ending boom and bust) is the founder of irresponsible lending. Remember there was zero regulations when he de-regulated the bank of England. Three groups and no control. Yet you wonder why I complain when I post the total external debt figures!! The forefathers of ending boom and bust have created the biggest bust in our history. I don't use "uni" facts, I looks at articles and decide for myself, *unlike 99% of this boards members*
  5. ^^^ negative answer and nothing promoting the union
  6. I will take this as a YES!! If Scotland was normal you might pay: A different rate of Income tax at a higher threshold No council tax Different Petrol prices Corporation tax VAT The amount you pay is DIRECTLY linked to the contollers. Then we have borrowing. You claim you have debts, Labaour created irresponsible lending in 1999 when they split up the FSA/BOE. 18 year olds were able to get 5k worth of credit card loans without any screening. Thankfully if we were normal you would be enjoying the tax breaks that would help you pay your debts.
  7. Oh, I will. I just need you to say you are serious and stand by your comments!!
  8. Ask away. I bolded the comment about the English as this is the only part of the questioning I take umbrage with. I have NOTHING against the English, indeed I quite like them, good honest folk and some brilliant characters. Role through this thread and you will see it littered with comments suggesting SNP=anti English. I've no idea why these folk suggest the SNP is anti English and not anti welsh/N.I! Truth is we are pro-scottish. In the current settlement this makes me anti-british. Why? Because I feel we get a raw deal. The country that benefits from the Union the most is Northern Ireland, Folk in Northern Ireland should be pro-union as it gives a brilliant deal.
  9. Read the thread mate. To add based on what you have posted thus far.. The Act of Union was only signed 304 years ago (in 1707), we were separate nations for far longer than we have been part of a Union. We shared plenty of history before it was signed (good and bad) and plenty afterwards (good and bad) so its not really an argument for or against in my opinion. Can you provide anything to support the notion (that to be fair we are all given as a reason for the Union) that we are stronger as part of a larger whole? Financially we are certainly not. Did you know for example in the last month it was confirmed: •The UK's debt (the amount we owe other nations, not personal debt) surpassed £1 Trillion. Given that the Scottish purse has been in surplus for the last 33 years, who has contributed to such a massive debt black hole? •UK Personal debt (how much we as citizens owe banks/companies) is higher now than THE REST OF THE EU COMBINED(I posted the table earlier) •The UK is actually in a WORSE financial state than Ireland (in terms of our liquidity) and the only reason we are not completely fooked is that the UK Governement is leveraging the debt against future North Sea Oil revenue (future generations wont benefit from said revenue because it's all being hocked up now to pay for the City of London (Financial) collapse and years of Westminster irresponsibility (from Labour) catching up with us.) I don't feel any less Scottish as part of the British Isles. But this is another misunderstanding of the Independence question, no-one is using it as a reason or an argument. You wouldn't cease to be part of the British Isles (or British) in almost every way you are currently if Scotland were an independent nation. You would simply be part of an equal, Independent country within the isles, rather than a subservient one. For example, the Queen would still be our Monarch (there was never any amalgamation of the crowns as part of the Acts of Union, she is Queen of Scotland AND Queen of England, NOT Queen of Britain (well, maybe by default) and the current incumbent actually had to make a separate oath to the people of Scotland to accept our crown THE DAY BEFORE she made her pledge to the people of England) We're only talking about dissolving the act of union between Scotland and England in terms of our government. Allowing us to govern ourselves basically. We wouldn't be picking up sticks and shifting the country just of the coast of Florida or something. Being an individual and more importantly equal voice as a country of the British Isles - I would argue that in fact that is the best of both worlds.
  10. No I think barefaced lies would knock the nationalist cause. Thats why I deal in fact. The unionist cause has taken a hit with all the lies , of this there is little doubt.
  11. ^^ Wasn't able to answer the question. WE STILL AWAIT OUR FIRST PRO UNION POST IN NEARLY 40 PAGES! 40 pages of scaremongering.
  12. No I give the link where I pull the figures from. You choose to ignore.
  13. To answer you directly Stu. I see myself as a reasonably thick person. I was never clever at school, indeed I failed 5th year, but stuck in during 6th year an achieved grades to Squeeze into uni. I failed third year at uni, so took 5 years to get a 2:1. During my CIMA I worked night and day to qualify as an accountant. Talented I am not, but I work hard to achieve all that I have. Looking through my posts you should appreciate my English skill are at best average. What I am passionate about is presenting the truth about the position of your country of birth. To repost what I had said prior. I vote SNP yes, because I believe that they are the only party within the Scottish parliament who have the best interests of the Scottish people at the forefront of their political policy, rather than a UK wide interest which despite popular myth and fear mongering is to the detriment of Scottish society. But my political allegiance lies with whomever I deem shares the same values as me and on their record in office. Last term the SNP had a fantastic record in my opinion and stood up for Scotland when required against a backdrop of Labour (and others) blocking policy that would have benefited our society for no other reason than it was the Nationalists who proposed it. Rest assured though, if they changed their ethos fundamentally and had a poor term this term, I would have to rethink my vote. I think too many see their political "team" as a football team that you cannot and should not deviate from. In actual fact, it couldn't be further from the truth. I am also a vocal supporter of Independence for Scotland, which helps in my SNP following as they share that ethos. While I'm sure there are a large number of Rangers fans who have no idea what being in the Union actually means to them (financially and socially) and the sole reason they oppose the SNP and its independence manifesto simply because of the team they support, there are those of us (Next year will be my 25th year as an Ibrox season ticket holder) who see beyond all the "Quintessentially British" bullsh1t and are capable of seeing independence/the union as facts, figures and future as opposed to something that is "Anti Rangers".
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