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  1. Mikey Stewart is a wank end thread
  2. Aye I was getting charged 4 quid a pint of Carling dark fruit earlier, robbery but Edinburgh for you. got a couple left myself just want to chat away to folk but too late for that I’m guessing
  3. Sweaty mhanky basta.... lovely guys.
  4. Wouldn’t waste my time with anything to do with them. They’re irrelevant.
  5. Haven’t seen the game today but again rave reviews with Davis. Geniunely thought he was passed it earlier on in the season but he’s come and added an extra edge to our game, superb keep it up.
  6. I’m not convinced with Hagi myself but I definitely see the talent just don’t think he’s suited to British football. However he certainly can take it to the next level as he shows glimpses of what he can do, so won’t write him off.
  7. If I had the wings of eagle and the arse of a crow
  8. Kent was shite last season apparently.... Totally agree with what you’ve said, I’ll look for a few posters due to time being on here but used to get into a bad habit of letting RM decide whether I rate a player or not. Believe I can judge or spot like anybody else on here so going with own judgment from now on, spending less and less time on here.
  9. Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbot version of Some Might Say on Youtube for Radio 2 is sensational.
  10. Cannot stand the match thread during the game. Player will get slated for 45 minutes then get MOTM and everyone is praising him. Or vice versa. Will make a prediction before the game then maybe half time and full time analysis but during the game folk must spend more time look at their phone or keyboard than watching the game, utter nonsense comes out.
  11. Do what you want mate just don’t see the appeal. Geniunely no interest in another’s opinion. Going to biased, just like this place is. Like I said I cannot stand the opinion on here at times, never mind your Dundee United or celtics. Wasnt singling you out just don’t see the appeal in general. Stick in
  12. We’re singing sash in the jungle, sash in the jungle....
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