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  1. Hope so, however think we’ll drop points with a deep Europa run and rotation. Hope not but you see it a Million times when a league is won the champions foot comes off the gas, players struggle for motivation and surprise results can happen.
  2. 😂 giggling like a little girl.
  3. Xbox live down doing my nut in just want to get in the gulag
  4. Read today it’s been a 31 point swing from this point last season. Never seen a collapse like it, glorious viewing.
  5. Ryan_1

    Ryan Kent

    First half especially outstanding. Plays like that nobody in the country can touch him. This guy adds consistent goals and assists we won’t keep ahold of him, has the ability if he adds goals and assists to go the top in Britain and play for England. Very few have his natural ability but consistently and productivity hold him back. Improve those two we’ll treble our money on him.
  6. Truly deserved aswell. The greatest title win of all time, no debate.
  7. I don’t see a ‘hard’ tie. Certainly competitive ones where we may not be favourites but there’s not a side that strikes fear into me. Have confidence in the team against majority of them left in the draw.
  8. Cheers mate. Unbelievable the progression we’ve made in Europe under Gerrard. Especially considering our main focus for 3 years has been the league. Say it quietly there’s not really anyone in that draw tomorrow I fear and it seems like yesterday Caixinha was standing in that hedge.
  9. So not next season the season after? 2022/23 campaign?
  10. Exactly that. I believe he will still receive a ban etc and he’s a very lucky boy to still be at the club. However I think he has shown he’s destined for a high level with that response tonight. The character of a player of much his elder. I believe this guys the real deal at right back.
  11. Dunno why but loved that. Best performance of the season tonight, either tonight or at Pittodrie. Looked a couple yards sharper.
  12. I can’t believe how bad they’ve become truly shocked. It’s remarkable how bad they’re defending is, like what the fuck do they work on in training. They’ve made the same mistakes time and time again since September. It’s the biggest fall from grace in footballing history bar none.
  13. What standard of opponent we potentially looking at? Expect it to be tough and a step up from the Europa but would be nice to get a champion from a couple lesser countries than a 4th place English or Spanish side.
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