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  1. Tonight's edited match report; 10-man Rangers crash out of the Ramsden's Cup Quarter Final against 12 man Queen Of The South, with ref Stevie O'Reilly awarded Man of The Match for QoS! Some of the worst refereeing ever seen, where the ref awards throw-ins etc against what his linesman, just 2ft away, flags for & sends off a player unaware of a man behind him, yet can be seen moving his arm out of the way once he realises there is!
  2. DEAL DONE Rangers have completed the signing of Hearts winger David Templeton. "David Templeton has left Hearts to sign for Third Division Rangers," Hearts said on their official website. The Edinburgh club said 23-year-old Templeton, in the final year of his contract, had made it clear he wanted "a change of scene". "Rangers were also keen on Temps's close friend Ryan McGowan but the Aussie ace handed manager John McGlynn a major boost by opting to remain at Hearts."
  3. Cheers! Someone had to & it was either that or calling him a black pudding, but I thought that a bit close to the wire! lol
  4. I see Septic have continued their transfer policy of signing some pudding or other............
  5. Have a hard job. To play this weekend the deal would of needed completing by 5pm. Anything after that up til the 11pm deadline means he can't play til next week. Unless the SFA are gonna cut us a break & bend the rules?
  6. Oh, sorry dude, must've missed it in the 20+ pages in here. Didn't mean to steal your thunder. Soz
  7. Rumour doing the rounds on Facebook (shite source I know, but it is amongst my Rangers supporting friends) is that apparently the membership HAS been agreed and offered to us to sign, but that it's US that are refusing to sign UNTIL they agree to drop the EBT dual contract investigation. Obviously, if true, it's a risk and we're playing Russian Roulette to an extent, but we can't give them carte blanche to remove titles from us, especially from a bunch of jealous and irrational SPL chairmen.
  8. You what? Of course its relevant, otherwise there's NO conflict of interest! The only conflict of interest here is the one between your brain & your fingers while you're typing your pish!
  9. You keep refering to "evidence" provided by that BBC documentary, why? Look at these emails. Full of spelling mistakes, possible important info blackened out (including the electronic signature on one of David Grier) & the fact that they're FORWARDED MESSAGES. Forwarded emails can be modified VERY easily to suit someone's agenda. The knowledge of David Grier having some sort of involvement with CW was known back on 14th Feb when D+P were appointed BY THE COURTS (who obviously didn't see it as a conflict of interest then, or when they had to re-instate D+P as admin after that paperwork issue a few weeks later), yet you, like a desperate Septic fan now cling onto that info in hopes of it damaging RFC after a crappy BBC program that showed NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE to back the whole program up & was full of contradiction of itself & certain FACTS we already are aware of?? Now who's the moron? And a gullible one at that, as you have given the exact reaction the whole charade of a show was hoping to achieve & been sucked in by it!
  10. Only to Taigs & those who don't deal in FACTS.
  11. Yes, from the same BBC crap again! I read through them & love the spelling mistakes that educated solicitors etc have, we're expected to believe, made of simple words such as "panel" within emails that anyone could of just thrown together. These are the same type of "proof" as The Sun claimed to have months ago, then mysteriously "lost". Try again!
  12. How did I know u were gonna say that? That is NOT factual evidence beyond all reasonable doubt. This is the same TV report that would have us believe that Souness got a payment from an EBT 10 years AFTER he was an employee of RFC! An EBT scheme RFC have no control over. And one where applicants to the scheme would have to prove they were entitled to as a CURRENT employee of the club! So, I say again, PROOF?
  13. There's another one! EVIDENCE? PROOF?
  14. Are you that stupid? See, I told you that you make yourself look like a Taig! Evidence to back up any comment you make such as; "D+P need removed now as they're in on it with Whyte, and their plan is to liquidate when Whyte tells them to"
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