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  1. Still waiting on mine, with any luck they are lost in the post. lol
  2. Beginning to lose any respect I had for king, he's just trying to cause mayhem and get us on the cheap.
  3. What a miserable day. Please give us a good performance as it will be bad enough sitting drookit, turn up the heat Rangers.
  4. 5 stars to the keeper for that save, brilliant goals from Temps and Mohsni, team performance absolute shit.
  5. Got the buzz coming on, looking forward to it. A wee swally in the Wee Rangers club for starters. Settle for 3-1
  6. Worth every penny just to see Saturday' game. WATP
  7. Well done the Rangers Board. The accounts come out 1st of October and not a single leak. The mole is dead.
  8. It's a lot to take in, but this is from Mather's statement on the official web page. "Revenues totalled £19.1 million and while there was significant progress made in terms of First Team wages/Turnover ratio, now at one of the lowest for leading clubs at 43%. Operating losses totalled £14 million. First Team players wages were reduced to £7.8 million and more than £4.2 million of expenditure is non-recurring. Profit on ordinary activities before taxation totalled £1.3 million leaving a profit for the period of £1.2 million.
  9. Rangers Accounts out http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/5195-rangers-announce-annual-results Haven't read it all, just doing that now
  10. My ticket is for the Rosefield Salvage Stand, whatever that is. Couldn't possibly sit there without cheering.
  11. Got a ticket outside Ibrox on Saturday.....really looking forward to this one. I didn't apply for a ticket as I didn't know if I would be home for it.
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