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  1. Not saying that the goals we lost weren’t an issue but it’s not the first thing that springs to mind after a result and performance like that. Just seems odd to start it off with something negative (although he did try to put a positive spin on the question it was still about something Gerrard wanted to draw a line under)
  2. Surprised at Edgar tbh, after such an emphatic performance and result to bring that question to kick the conference off is way off the mark. Ask it ahead of the weekend game if you must but tonight should have been about how well the team have done. Its like the first question being “The two goals you conceded tonight were really poor defensively you can’t be pleased about the defending”
  3. ‘This is a side that have shown again and again and again that they just do not know how to lose” ‘Quote from the 92/93 season and whilst I don’t think we can say we are at that level there is some real character in this squad. Absolutely outstanding.
  4. We did slip up at Motherwell, we are back on track and I feel the players will be up for this tonight.
  5. No pressure Nathan and Kai
  6. Voted goldson as this season he is an absolute colossus. He had his shakes moments but he is superb on the ball, can play a hell of a long ball, has started to be a real danger in the opponents box at set pieces and defensively he reads the game exceptionally well. Looks like an absolute steal now.
  7. That’s the part that I just can’t get over. Had we lost 2-1 toiling for 40 minutes trying to get the goal and it never came then we’ve been there many times before in the last few years. We got the goal and all we had to do was see out 4 minutes without conceding against st Mirren. Think of the UFA game and the onslaught we faced with 9 men but we couldn’t do it for 4 minutes last night. I think the team has bottle, they showed it against Braga last year, standard a few weeks back, Benfica away after going behind. Our team isn’t the finished article, this year has seen it click bette
  8. Saturday can’t come soon enough, I’m sure the team feel the same way. Put these fuckers to the sword and bounce back big time.
  9. NeoGeo7


    Some people need to get a fucking grip. We ripped the piss out of the scum imploding and many are now following suit. It was an abject performance that came at the worst time as far as a knock out tournament is concerned but would I prefer losing this or the game at the weekend against Motherwell? Only concern is whether the players can bounce back straight away and hit Motherwell hard, saw last year that losing in the final derailed the season, so let’s hope they’ve learned but FFS keep the head lads.
  10. As tempting as it may be to think, it’s just st Mirren we absolutely have to get the monkey off our back and win the first top tier trophy since 2011, so strongest team possible with Alfie dropped for Itten being the only change.
  11. Antwerp......Kemar Roofe likes this Got to be pleased with that draw.
  12. Massive that we won that group when you see the other seeded teams.
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