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  1. You do know that Stewart has already left, now plays in India for a team managed by Owen Coyle, Jampedshur
  2. Our biggest problem is scoring, losing a single goal at home to hearts should never result in dropped points. We’ve been dismal in front of goal and it needs sorted soon.
  3. And what happened with kudela that would merit Kamara being regarded as the one in the wrong. Did he con the ref by getting Zungu to yell to the ref “He said fucking monkey”. Kamara ultimately was booed because he had the audacity to call out that racist prick Kudela and ANYONE with a shred of decency would have sided with Kamara, so whilst the boos are not directly racist they show support of racism by justifying Kudela’s words.
  4. Take one look at how high he is tackling and studs showing, Porteous is one dirty bastard and the dangerous challenge deserved a red, we’re just really lucky he didn’t catch Aribo full on
  5. It is easy to say it in hindsight but in all fairness these guys need to play week in week out to develop, we’d only have punted them out on loan.
  6. Let’s see what the grand virtue signalling uefa say about it all. Not holding my breath, it’s far easier to just say words than back it up with actions, utterly cowardly and as bad as the people committing acts of racism. there is a proven track record of these clubs and countries continued racist behaviour and still they take part in elite competitions at a national and club level. You want to make it stop you need to punish them properly i.e. expulsion
  7. Formation really needs freshening up. Last year we played the same sort of way but our passing was one touch, fast and crisp.this season our players just don’t look like making a 5 yard pass. Might be time to try wingers again rather than inverted wingers/wide 10s or whatever you want to call it. Start trying to hit the byeline and get midfielders making late runs into the box. Just need an alternative as we are starting to look like the team under warburton once teams figured us out with lots of pointless slow side to side passing, we aren’t seeing nice reverse one touch passes, one twos around the box, it’s just so off from last year it’s hard to believe it’s largely the same squad.
  8. 8 players need to be classed as homegrown which means they have to have trained at a Scottish club for at least 3 years between the ages of 15 and 21, of those 8 at least 4 need to be trained by the club i.e. youth players like Patterson, mccrorie, Kelly etc. Essentially you need to have 8 Scottish players (or players who started out in Scotland) in the European squad and 4 of them need to be your youth players. That means that 17 spaces are available for players who don’t meet the criteria. So if Gerrard wanted Simpson in he might have had to leave someone like Bacuna out as neither are homegrown. If we had signed a Scottish centre back they could have been one of the 8 (still need 4 youths or players that were youths but could now be first team regulars such as mcgregor) but it would at least mean the other 17 weren’t hampered.
  9. The big fuck up is with the homegrown players quota and the fact we have to register Jack when he’s not fit because he’s one of the required homegrown players. Say we had went for John Souttar, as an example, we’d have someone that would contribute to that quota so he could have been included at no additional expense of attacking players.
  10. Haha never even noticed it. Big Leon Ball Gun to fire us to victory
  11. Bassey at CB with ball gun on the right hand side is the way to go. Suspect lundstram will be quite deep so it’ll be more like a central 3.
  12. King played last night against hammarby so doubt he’s in contention.
  13. Even under Pedro we had 11 points at this stage
  14. Very true, wee Rod Wallace was great in the air.
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