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  1. Fuck that to the moon. Every club were in it for themselves in 2012 taking the opportunity to kick us down and then gloat about it, reap what you sow....fuck the lot of them.
  2. Says a lot about him that the best bit of play in that highlight reel was Tavs assist against st Johnstone
  3. No one player is bigger than the club. I love Alfie but if he’s set on leaving and can’t produce the goods until the move he needs to go. Just have to get the best deal for all involved and get it ten and Rolfe into the team and we can then strengthen midfield and right wing and move on.
  4. The problem is if the player is really good they get snapped up before we can get them into the first team. The majority aren't good enough or mentally equipped to handle playing for the first team where a 0-0 draw at Livingston is utterly unacceptable. That means you are looking for players that are just below the "top drawer" standard and get them into the team. Its fine margins and unfortunately Ross was just not a good fit for us
  5. Very sad news, RIP Tam 🔴⚪🔵
  6. I await the decision to cancel the season and just use last years positions as the finishing positions for the 20/21 season
  7. SO lets get this straight......EIGHT Aberdeen players break the rules (2 testing positive and 6 self isolating) resulting in (rightful) condemnation and Aberdeen get penalised by having to continue with the fixtures. ONE scum player breaks the rules which may prove detrimental to them should any players, staff etc, have to self isolate and all of a sudden "Hold on folks, we may have to stop it there". 8 players breaching the rules its ok to continue, just punish the sheep. 1 player breaches the rules and its a pause to everything so that the scum aren't penalised in any way.
  8. Almost paraphrased Sutton’s tweet on it
  9. Bolongoli to st Mirren on loan and thumb to the sheep to sweeten it.
  10. The scum are top and they get the title, their player fucks up that would mean they would be fielding an understrength team for 2 weeks let’s call it all off
  11. First and foremost the guy is a self entitled, privileged arsewipe just like the sheep players, think they are above everyone else and can do what they like. However, how see through and fucking despicable if the season gets paused, wasn’t going to be a pause when the whole Aberdeen first team have to self isolate but hurt their precious paedo fc and games a bogey, everyone stop. Its like a runner who couldn’t tie his shoelaces a fun falls over and everyone had to stop to let them tie them properly with the help of the race officials before the race can start again.
  12. His pace will save goldson a blushes quite a lot this season. Didnt cover himself in glory either with that slack pass that led to the nervy start to the second half. Early days but he looks assured, quick and intelligent.
  13. 2:31 almost goal of the season 2 games in
  14. This was the most noticeable thing for me, in the second half when we were just knocking the ball about in St Mirrens half and he said Aribo to Kent................................nothing really was needed (and had there been a crowd it let’s you hear the match atmosphere not that this mattered today). No offence to Tom but the general commentary and discussion was much better, the only thing missing was the bits of knowledge of our club and matches from years ago (although he did clearly do research ahead of the game). Roll on Wednesday
  15. Got to say after Thursday night I thought he was going to be dropped and he’d be offski I think Gerrard has a really good bond with him and seems to be able to get reactions. Really do think it’s best for Alfie to stay one more season, win the treble, become immortalised legend of the club and then leave with everyone’s blessing and a hefty inbound cheque.
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