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  1. Love these beautiful bastards! They are starting to show the mettle to give us belief that they are ready for 55. It would have been so easy to panic or to feel sorry for themselves but their character has shone through. Thank fuck we weren’t in the stadium at 0-1 though
  2. If we were anything other than disappointed with the Benfica games then we have lost who we are. We didn’t get to where we are by making excuses or having perspective and whilst it is true if the players and staff were to go home last night thinking “What a great result” then we have problems. Luckily I feel the players DO understand what it means to be a Ranger as do the staff and whilst the message given publicly states we gave it our all, benfica spent nearly 100m euros and are a champions league side etc. etc. They all know deep down we should be on maximum points in that group now an
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