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  1. Was just getting ready for the big HA HA ZOMBIES YOOZ R DEAD SEVCO reveal too. Gutted tbh
  2. 😂ffs. 14k posts and rumbled just like that
  3. Doesn’t make up for the fact he scowls a lot imo
  4. I really hope it’s a slow build to something explosive. But it’s probably not
  5. I’m one of them mate. I never learn with this sort of shit 😂
  6. Fair enough, bit more to it
  7. Some of the shit you see on here man 😂
  8. Eh? Pretty sure it’s because pretty much everyone caught it and subsequently either died or became immune.
  9. But that would come a long way down the line in a lengthy court case right? And would be an entirely separate thing to an independent investigation?
  10. Yes. But there’s no suggestion of criminality, and even if there were, that would be an entirely different thing to the independent investigation we’ve called for.
  11. I honestly don’t know where you’ve got this idea. Do you think I could ask a corporate lawyer to investigate a local business I didn’t like, and the business would have to comply?
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