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  1. Totally agree mate, we turned a loss and a bad performance into 3 points today and we struggled so much to do that last season, I love when we play "sexy football", but I love 3 points and a win even more.
  2. These are the games we were dropping silly points last season, this and the Killie game at the start of the season could be defining moments on our way to winning the league.
  3. Another 3000 fans to miss next home euro game according to Sky. This can't be true as the second charge relates to away game v legia.
  4. Sorry to hear mate, hope your wife gets well soon, good luck.
  5. Now C'mon now....... Now 😂😂😂
  6. Sad news for both men, RIP and condolences to all friends and family 💙
  7. Hats off my friend you truly are one of "THE PEOPLE", I wasn't always able to donate but with little pressure gave what I could, you done your absolute best and gave your time to an amazing cause. Happy retirement and I would say from everyone associated with Rangers, good luck with the future and wishing you all the best in health and happiness mate.
  8. Good luck, he's one of us, wish the lad well, just never made the grade for one reason or another.
  9. We Are The People, we don't need a number, Good luck Andy Firth now kick on and show us why you're at the world's most successful team.
  10. So I am well aware of how many people know Kenny Millers cousin or neighbours uncle and shite but tin hat on here goes.... Shagger, Warburton (cunt), Joey (no show) Barton and others unnamed were playing golf at Loch Lomond course and apparently we are gonna be left flabbergasted by some sort of marquee signing, no names or where he plays but anyway that's what I'm hearing, can't post a source so take it as it is or fuck off 👍🏽
  11. Foderingham is terrible with the ball at his feet, he's a heart attack waiting to happen, too heavy a touch and spends to much time with the ball before releasing it causing him to just kick it anywhere, his distribution is shocking.
  12. Not bother one bit about Liverpool or if the win, its all about the Rangers.
  13. Keep walking and you just might fall off the edge.
  14. Got to agree with most, never really rated him, simple player who does simple things, good luck to him but he either need to up his game or evidently we need better.
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