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  1. Hes a much better player than Ojo,Barker,Middleton,Hastie,Jones and possibly Arfield and Aribo,but our manager doesn't want to know.Should never have been loaned out and should be about the 1st team,but prob wont be given a chance unless Gerrard chucks it in the summer
  2. sendintank


    I watched Cardiff/Reading last night.Ejaria was a standout,absolute class.Where was that player at Ibrox?
  3. Anyone know what date the general sale is?
  4. 25 minute in queue,logged on at 8.50.Got a ticket,it is frustrating tho,watching that blue bar across the top
  5. Guy is shite,not good enough for Rangers.Cant buy a game at Leicester,most of his appearances,certainly in the season they were champions,were off the bench.Usually gets his Welsh caps off the bench or in frendlies,and spent half a season on loan at a pretty ordinary Swansea last season,where he wasn't even first choice,and ended up playing about 10 games.
  6. Ive seen plenty of this guy playing for Wales.He is average at best! Be a very strange signing
  7. Anyone know when these go on general sale,theres no info on the official website.Cheers
  8. Am I right in thinking after we beat this Gibralter mob,we will be home 1st in the next round,on the 25th? Looking for confirmation so I can look for flights.
  9. Flying up tonight,my first game since st mirren,ive been gagging to get up for a game!! I think this could be tough,Queens are not the worst side,still expecting a clear victory tho.
  10. I remember Harris Vuckic having a short loan spell down here at Cardiff.I only saw him once and he was subbed at half time!!I dont think he was that impressive during his loan spell,and he also seemed to be partial to an injury.Saying that he has to be better than Aird,Black,Law etc etc
  11. I think its another 25 each way into Cardiff for me,hate the bus,really uncomfortable.Dont like the long wait home for the return either.Just out the door now,
  12. I think its about 800 miles round trip between cardiff and glasgow,plus an hour on the train into cardiff,couple of hours then before the bus leaves,long wait for the return home i think i will get home about 9 monday morning,Im sure you will see why i dont get to that many games!!Looking forward to tomorrow tho,hope we put up some sort of performance.Templeton must start surely?
  13. Are you travelling from Swansea?How you making the trip?
  14. quick shower,then a train to Cardiff before the murderous sleeper bus up.A big 7 hours wait for the bus home after the game,hope the gers put on a show for this effort.Weather looks awful aaarrgghh
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