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  1. I highly doubt we went through meeting GVB in London on Saturday and then flew out to Amsterdam to meet him yesterday for no contract to be signed and the 'process' still on going.
  2. If anyone that lives in the Rutherglen area receives a size large of the new retro shirt that they haven't bought, then please send it on to me! The tracking for mine says its arrived at the Rutherglen Delivery Office for delivery today. Only issue with that is that I live in Montrose, over 100 miles away! Total shambles.
  3. Goalie shirt is online now.
  4. Emailed the stores website, long sleeve shirt isn't going to be available online, only in store. Disappointing.
  5. Looks class in long sleeve. Hopefully they put that online as I can't get to the store any time soon.
  6. Got to be more goals for us now after they've brought on 2 attacking players.
  7. Could well be true. Might be the reason why there's been no leak of who played for us today.
  8. Few posters on FF saying they heard Jack Wilshere was a trialist for us today lol
  9. Why can't we get him until September?
  10. Randomly generated by a computer they tell us though...
  11. Goldson take note, that's how a CB headers the ball at an attacking corner.
  12. Kamara should have dropped back and taken Davis off. He's done at this level.
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