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  1. Motherwell let them walk through there, shock horror. 1-0 to them
  2. Just flicked it onto their game whilst it's half time in the Newcastle game. Strachan description of the goal sounded like it was a wonder goal for griffiths and no one else have scored it.
  3. Surprised that Japanese boy that Hearts have got on loan from Man City hasn't came on. Can't be any worse than the 11 on the pitch.
  4. Morelos goes mental at the ref like that and he's booked.
  5. Absolutely nothing in that challenge.
  6. Never seen anyone overreact so much to a challenge on a team mate like ajer does.
  7. 'merry Christmas fuck the H***' We sing that on Friday with fenians instead, we'll be all over the papers etc with outrage.
  8. Hearts manager looking a bit energetic on the touchline. Reminds me of the sketch from Chewin The Fat with the football manager and his assistant.
  9. Brown will never be sent off tonight. He'll get away with 3 or 4 bad tackles but won't be punished.
  10. 15/2 for a Hearts win tonight. Might stick a tenner on that.. I'd be as well just throwing that tenner in the bin though as I can't see past a celtic win.
  11. You can bet your life savings on Hibs trying their hardest against us on Friday.
  12. 'Wonderkid' Dembele on for them.
  13. Had a bit of a laugh at his reasons for picking Frimpong over Tav.
  14. If Kents on form next weekend he'll absolutely destroy their right back.
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